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    '74 FJ-40 for sale

    Sold Cruiser Scott, Thanks, it's kinda a love hate sale, I loved the Cruiser, but my knee problem overshadowed the love! It went to Bisbee, and a good home! Earl
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    '74 FJ-40 for sale

    Sorry all you who drooled, but it's sold! Thanks for looking, Earl
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    Tucson this Friday night

    Tucson meet I'll be there! Earl
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    '74 FJ-40 for sale

    My 73,000 mile cruiser is still for sale, see for details, and give me a call. Earl OOPS, TOO LATE, SOLD, 4/11/05
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    Military trailer (lightplant conversion) for sale

    '74 FJ-40 still for sale also! I still have the 40 for sale, $7500.00 firm, Make me a reasonable offer on the trailer?
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    Emissions advice/help

    JTinAZ, I live in Tucson, and don't know what year they stop doing visual inspections, but they havn't looked under the hood on mine for the last 2 years. It has passed each time, and perhaps if it didn't they would look? Did they look before doing the sniff test? Earl
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    Military trailer (lightplant conversion) for sale

    Hi again, I still have the trailer, and pintle hitch, reciever style, for sale. The trailer was a mobile lightplant 2 wheel, 3/4 ton rated flatbed. I put the sides, and the removable 2" extensions on, and a dropdown tailgate. It would make a great ATV hauler, and trails like it isn't there...
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    Lowered the price on my 40 and trailer

    Thanks Deertdude, You can see my ad at Craigslist now, any offers from the Arizona guy's? Earl
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    Lowered the price on my 40 and trailer

    Thanks LC, I just did Earl
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    Lowered the price on my 40 and trailer

    Check out my ad in vehicles for sale, I have lowered the price. Any offers? Earl
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    '74 FJ-40 for sale/with trailer

    Here's a picture of the 40, $8500.00 or make me an offer, I'm asking $800.00 for the trailer. Earl
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    Ih8mud Tucson Trail Run 12/18:

    Hi Shotts I'd love to meet you and do it, but our daughter will be coming in from Boston, so the date is bad for me. Maybee some other time. Have fun, I've made that run from the Hy. 83, or east to west direction, and the west end of sycamore canyon is rough, to say the least. Good riding, Earl
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    Vote for our logo!

    I like # 5 out of all of them, Simple, and clean..... Earl
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    Tucson get together?

    Why not see if Desert, or Precision would let us use a piece of their lot on a saturday morning??? Earl
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    '64 FJ-40 for sale in Tucson

    Hi, I'm selling my '65, as I'm retired, and it was my son-in law's who moved to Boston. It's a solid tub S/W truck, 305c.i. SBC, Rochester Q-Jet, M>T valve covers, outside the frame headers, new mufflers, new clutch slave, power Mercedes seats, reupholstered full rear jump seats, Spector off...
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    Tucson get together?

    Tucson get together I live on the east side, Kolb-22nd area, and regularly show one of mine at Little Anthony's diner shows at broadway/Kolb. You can call them for info on the next show july 24th. The setup is from 5 to 7, and the show goes to 9:30. Get there early if your interested! I'll be...
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    any of u arizona guys

    :beer: Mike, I've got a '74 box, out of my fj-40, 70,000 miles, tight, I went with a mini P/S conversion. I'll take $50.00 for it, with the pedistal, and I live in Tucson, and prefer not to ship it... Earl :cheers:
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    Should Have Got A "Toyota" !!!!!!!

    :beer: I'v got just what he should have bought in the first place, and its for sale... '65 FJ-40, SBC, 3 speed,(just replaced) new within the last year: Battery,starter, clutch slave cylinder, windshield, wiper blades, rear full size jump seats have been re-upholstered in grey vinyl to match...
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    Introduce Yourself

    :beer: Hi cruiser & other 4x4 heads. I'm Earl from Tucson, and drive a 70,000 mile '74 FJ-40, always a work in progress, Home spun A/C, minitruck P/S using Bill Dorey's box mount, air shocks in the rear to support a 13 gal. aux. tank, and a 2 jerry can rack I built for the drivers side using a...
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