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  1. Land Shark

    show me your axe...

  2. Land Shark

    show me your axe...

    Picked this up last weekend. Going in the 100 Hit with some wool and some linseed
  3. Land Shark

    show me your axe...

    Not a great picture but Council tool Woodman Axe
  4. Land Shark

    show me your axe...

    How did it turn out?
  5. Land Shark

    ARB Awning Mount on back of Series 200 OEM side rails

    I was struggling with this exact issue when I was trying to put an ARB awning on my 5GT4R. Never came up wth a solid solution but... then comes along Moonshade and I think that is the answer. Anyway. Check them out
  6. Land Shark

    I noticed this portable awning the other day

    Any further insight on these? Been eyeing these for a bit. Thanks
  7. Land Shark

    Jerry Can to Hose Thread adapter (JC2HT) for Scepter / LCI

    Received mine and as advertised Will look to integrate soon.
  8. Land Shark

    Campsite lighting

    I have really liked the Streamlight Siege series. I generally keep the small one in the truck 24/7 for those times when you just need some extra light and want to be hands free. they hang or sit most places. AS far as battery life I have never actually put a timer on it but I feel like I am...
  9. Land Shark

    Campsite lighting

    I use a combination of the below. several different types of head lamps petzle, to black diamond... HTH!
  10. Land Shark

    Jerry Can to Hose Thread adapter (JC2HT) for Scepter / LCI

    And now two more...
  11. Land Shark

    ARB fridge problem

    Good to hear this. I am currently waiting for my replacement parts as well.
  12. Land Shark

    Alternate Fridge suggestions

    +1 for ARB CS. I recently had my ARB 47l (Purchased in 2011) thermistor go out and ARB is sending me another one. This fridge has been living in my Land Cruisers and 4runners for 7 years running 24/7/365.
  13. Land Shark

    Portable propane shower

    Nice build. I have been running this type of set up for several years. Easy and inexpensive imo.
  14. Land Shark

    Camping Build Out

    Install LED's and forget about it
  15. Land Shark

    Camping Build Out

    I can say this. That i have no regrets going with the fridge option. The ability not to have to worry about having to worry about ice or ice melting and making things mushy is so nice! I leave mine on 24/7 and like an earlier post keep it full of beer, water, and juice boxes. I chose to go...
  16. Land Shark

    how has your disaster prep actually helped you during disaster?

    Sam, Great thread here! What better way to learn than from first hand experience. While I was lucky this time and did not experience any power outages or fallen trees. I did go through my routine of making sure we were ready if power went out or trees fell. Generally we keep enough food in...
  17. Land Shark

    'Any INEXPENSIVE (GOOD) 12V fridges out there?

    I have to agree with all the comments above for "having" a fridge. I have mine set up with the bigblue optima and keep it plugged in 24/7. I always run my truck daily so there are no issues with draining the battery. Other than camping it is nice to always have cold drinks whether they are...
  18. Land Shark

    roof top tent in cold weather?

    I use an ECW mummy bag (Mil issue) and find that I am coming out of it looking to cool myself off. When I put my head in the bag and leave a hole where I can breath out of and my face is below the surface of the bag I am GTG! My face never gets cold.
  19. Land Shark

    Why do you carry an axe?

    "Estwing Campers Axe 26" Length" I keep one of these in the rig all the time. This has been a great tool and does not take up alot of room either.
  20. Land Shark

    Rubbermaid Actionpacker

    I have used this box for a couple of years now and like it just fine. I cannot speak to the UV aspect it typically is not exposed for long periods of time. Fairly durable and for the price I think is a great container.
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