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  1. Mars

    Shifts out of 4H, back to 2H

    There's a retention spring that holds the shifters in gear, that often wears out and allows the TC to shift back into 2H. Its located behind a large bolt on the passenger side of the transfer case. Its a five minute fix to pull the old worn spring and bearing out, and replace with new...
  2. Mars

    Help 4dw Low Pops Out

    Check this thread:
  3. Mars

    the truck is NOT overheating

    Any new news on the head? I just caught news of your saga...I'm in the Vegas area as well. I had a similar situation, but luckily I was able to get to a shop I trusted. Did you get the idle situation figured out?
  4. Mars

    $8000 to spend on a 60....what would you do?

    Don't let the guys dog you on owning a 60. The 60's have a cool factor that an 80 can never touch. I drive my 80 around all the time, and I've never been waved at by another driver. Hell, most of them are soccer mom's who don't know what the hell a diff lock switch is. The 60 has...
  5. Mars

    Insurance companies that will insure an 86 FJ60?

    My vote's for state farm. Stated value of my truck at $8,000, with 230k miles, and they didn't blink an eye. They never asked to see it, never even asked for a picture. Insurance isn't the cheapest, but they take good care of me. I got tagged bigtime by a hit and run in a parking lot...
  6. Mars

    Why do you love your 60?

    I love my 60 because it smells like an old truck. Because people wave at me. Because people ask me what that 'military lookin' truck is that I drive. Because it will grunt its way as far into the backcountry as I want to take it. Because its still a truck, not a huge camry with 4wd. M
  7. Mars

    did ARB every make a rear bumper for a 60?

  8. Mars

    power steering fluid boil over

    I hide mine in Rancho Bernardo :grinpimp:
  9. Mars

    slipping out of gear - 4WD high Detent springs I tell ya.... I had the same symptoms. Slipping from 4H to 2H, but mine would grind into 2L from 4L as well. Easy fix, Its the first thing that I would fix, just slap some washers under the spring and see if that...
  10. Mars

    So how many miles can you get out of a full tank of gas on your 60?

    I get around 200 before going dry. Stock 2f with half compression in #4 and #5...toast head gasket between cylendars...can't believe it still drives even.
  11. Mars

    to tint or not to tint

    The biggest advantage for dark tint, for me at least, is for security reasons. I keep a lot of 'stuff' in the back of the truck, especially on trips in the mountains or down in Baja, and anything that conceals what's inside is helpful. Makes me feel a little better about sleeping in the back...
  12. Mars

    So, we gonna have a rig of the week?

    Bomber of my favorite things about the 'other' sections is the ROTW. I'd love to see more indepth writeups! :cheers: :cheers:
  13. Mars

    TC 'Oil Transfer' fix w/pics!

    Excellent job and writeup! I now have a project for this weekend.... :cheers: :cheers:
  14. Mars

    TC Trouble Sounds identical to my problem. Easy fix, took me 10 minutes. My spring was just plum wore out, and wasn't pushing the bearing against the shaft with enough pressure to keep it from spinning out of gear. I just threw in some...
  15. Mars

    3211 miles and 3 days 3 hours later...

    Congrats and well done! Always good to have another cruiser in SD. Marsh :cheers: :cheers:
  16. Mars

    mud chains

    I ski in the Eastern Sierra's a lot, and sometimes the approaches get a little 'creative'. If I think I'm going to get snowed in, or I know I'm going to be plowing through some snow drifts, I put on the chains. Mine look very similar to yours, attachment system as well. I haven't had a...
  17. Mars

    Sidewinder/Bronco Peak

    Where'd you find these spots? How far East? I'm always looking for something close by! Good lookin' truck as well!
  18. Mars

    TC slipping out of gear

    I only removed the plug bolt furthest forward. The one on the right in the pic.
  19. Mars

    TC slipping out of gear

    Success as well, different solution. I pulled the bolt/spring/bearing from the t/c, and what do you know. The little spring in there was so compressed, I'm sure it wasn't putting hardly any pressure on the shaft. I didn't have a new spring, and I wasn't expecting to get anywhere with it, so I...
  20. Mars

    TC slipping out of gear

    Beautiful, thanks for the correction on the diagrams! If all goes well, I'll take care of it this weekend and get some pics up of the process. Thanks again! :cheers:
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