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  1. 92Cruiser

    AC temp

    Any chance the fan clutch can effect the AC Temp? I've always had AC that would freeze you out. A few months ago I replaced the fan clutch with an aftermarket version that seems to work fine but now the AC is just cool.
  2. 92Cruiser

    95 Air Conditioner issue

    Yes, it was converted a while back by the previous owner. Has a sticker up by the radiator.
  3. 92Cruiser

    95 Air Conditioner issue

    My 95 w/168000 has always had air that could freeze you out. Early this spring it ran for one hot day and everything was fine. Used it yesterday and it blows cool but not even close to what it was a couple months ago. I purchased a can of R134A charge and put it in. The gauge showed 10 before...
  4. 92Cruiser

    Axle movement???

    No, I have not checked everything. I do need to replace the tie-rod ends because I have to much slop in the steering but this back and forth movement is just weird. I can feel it even when stopping from a slow speed. I'm wondering if some of the original bushings are shot.
  5. 92Cruiser

    Axle movement???

    I have a weird question for you guys. 95 FJ80 with 169k, Original stock suspension. Has anyone ever felt like the front axle assembly on their truck moves back and forth when braking? When coming to a stop, I would swear that the truck/body moves above the axle assembly like something's loose...
  6. 92Cruiser

    parts look-up online - click on OEM parts catalog at the top Been buying from these guys for years. Always OEM parts and have never gotten an order wrong.
  7. 92Cruiser

    Got a problem..NEED HELP..and yes i already checked the fAQ

    my 95 had a knocking sound last fall that you would swear was the timing chain slapping around or something. Turned out to be 2 teeth missing on the alt belt. Replaced all three belts for good measure and it was smooth as silk. Not sure if that's your issue but just wanted you to know.
  8. 92Cruiser

    Consensus on braking issue

    I had a similar issue with my front brakes pulling. I repacked the LOOSE front wheel bearings and now all is better. It actually feels like a new truck. Steering is more responsive and the truck doesn't jerk around as much after pot holes and other bumps in the road.
  9. 92Cruiser

    antenna replacement

    Just did the cable and mast replacement on my 95. What a pain in the ***. Mine did not have the easy toothed cable but the wound up smooth kind. Had to take the whole assembly apart. Thought is was going to be an easy 30 minute deal but ended up closer to 1.5 hrs. Does work really well now and...
  10. 92Cruiser

    Water Pump or Fan Clutch

    My 95 starting making a horribly loud whine noise this morning after start up. Wondering if this could be the fan clutch or just the water pump that I'm expecting. The truck has 169k and if I remember, the 92 I had went out right around the same time and sounded very similar. There is no coolant...
  11. 92Cruiser

    Knocking sound

    Can't believe it! One of the Alt belts had 4 teeth missing which was causing all of the knocking noise against the pulleys. Not only is that sound gone now that I have installed OEM belts, but the whinning, whirling and other weird sounds are silent. The truck sounds new! Now when I'm driving or...
  12. 92Cruiser

    Knocking sound

    Yes, the noise is only in the very front. I pulled each plug wire one at a time and started the truck but the sound did not change. The knock also speeds up with engine RPM. I'll check the belts but my brother is a mechanic and did mention that it could be a timing chain issue. Can I get the...
  13. 92Cruiser

    Knocking sound

    95 w/162,000. A fairly loud knocking sound is coming from the engine bay while idling. Started last night and doing it again today. All fluid levels are good and had a oil change recently. I don't think it's a motor knock but has a similar sound. Can the water pump or anything else make that...
  14. 92Cruiser

    Power steering pump replacement

    Just had the PS Pump replaced on my 95 and the dealer put in regular PS Fluid not ATF. I called the weekend guys to ask why they did that and the service tech was not sure and said to call back on Monday and ask the original service writer. Anyone know if this is ok? I've always put ATF in both...
  15. 92Cruiser

    Anyone in St. Paul Minnesota?

    Well... I've been to there location before looking at a red 92 and I don't think I would ever purchase a car from them. The place looks like a junk yard. I was told by the salesman that the truck was nice and had only 100,000 miles. When I got there it had 179,000 had broken/missing windows...
  16. 92Cruiser

    Steering Box Adjustment

    So I took the 95 in last night for an alignment at the stealer and the service writer just called to tell me that the steering box had more play in it that Toyota recommends but that it's not that bad. He went on to say that you can't adjust the free play on a Landcruiser just replace the box...
  17. 92Cruiser

    Keyless entry problems

    Did you try a new battery? I've had remotes act funny when the battery is almost dead.
  18. 92Cruiser

    Sunroof won't close tightly?

    Miescha, Rudy Luther is in Golden Valley, MN if that matters. I have had work done there before with awesome results. I ran into a problem with a new PS Pump and they finished the job for me not a problem. I didnt even purchase the pump from them. Way cool people! 92
  19. 92Cruiser

    Sunroof won't close tightly?

    Just like Smoke said... "Tilt and close, lots of wind noise. Retract and close, and its good" My 92 has done this for 2 years. The 95 is still working good. GREAT! why did I go and say that. 92
  20. 92Cruiser

    am I missing something? running board ?

    I know the one your talking about. My 95 had a notch out of the bracket so I could get a box end wrench in there. Almost like it was made to fit a tool. It took a little bit to get it started but came off easy after that. I got my flaps from (Sorry Dan) They...
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