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  1. drbeemer73

    Do you tow an Airstream?

    2021 Heritage L/C 200 and 2021 Basecamp 20 X w/weight distributing hitch works great. The very experienced Airstream dealer recommended WD hitch and said nothing else is needed.
  2. drbeemer73

    HE production numbers?

    From a corporate Toyota engineer friend of mine, no break down by color. And he thought the 2022 number was not for the US market, he speculated they went to Canada. These are model year numbers not calendar year. Heritage Volume: 2019: 291 2020: 1202 2021: 1326 2022: 22 Adding them up equals...
  3. drbeemer73

    front tow hooks

    *Thanks* for whoever pointed to the KAON (from Australia) site. GREAT tow hooks, with rounded edges, plus they have many other off roading "doodads", all great quality it appears. Solved several issues for my 200, again thanks.
  4. drbeemer73

    front tow hooks

    WHY ignore the owner's manual which says to ONLY use the factory hooks for basic short distance, flat towing????? As tbisascs said and even pointed to the owner's manual, above. Ignoring very good advice from a very good source (Toyota) when safety is an issue is not prudent at all, it's a very...
  5. drbeemer73

    For Sale FJ62 chrome wheels - 4 good condition

    The rims are 15 inch, right? I'm in PA and I need 16 inch rims with the exact same shape configuration. Thanks
  6. drbeemer73

    Wanted FJ 60 Rims, 16 inch

    Wanted: FJ60 16 inch RIMS: Five 16 inch original rims for my FJ60, in excellent condition. Chromed steel. My 60 came with 15 inch rims, but 16 inch rims were available in some other markets, I know Japan was one. Specter Offroad imported a few, years ago from Japan.
  7. drbeemer73

    It's Time for a Change

    What is it?
  8. drbeemer73

    Looking a body and paint shop in Coatesville, PA

    There are many "body shops" who are all kinds of good and bad, only install new parts, etc. There is an amazing shop in Exton that will do whatever you want, apply POR-15, etc. They retrofit old cars and trucks with new engines, suspensions and trans, etc. Bull Dog Rod & Custom Bulldog |...
  9. drbeemer73

    Looking for a mechanic in the west Chester, Newtown square, media area, thx

    What kind of work? Add off roading gear, winch, etc., or drivetrain repair, etc.?
  10. drbeemer73

    Need some input, possible new truck time.

    My wife has 265K on her GX470 and it's had a few sniggles to repair, air bag, set., but it is awesome for the reasons you say. It's built on the Prada platform from overseas. We've had it offroad one time and folks with lockers were amazed at what it was capable of. We've used an M101 trailer...
  11. drbeemer73

    Question about breaking a bead need advice or suggestions

    You need to break the bead so you can remove the (likely) dirt and rust out that is between the rim and the tire. I suggest you lay the tire on the ground, perhaps on a piece of plywood so the rim does not get scratched if it is on pavement, and put one end of a 2 by 6 board just against where...
  12. drbeemer73

    Cordless tool help

    Milwaukee for sure. Not from me, but from some friends who DO know.
  13. drbeemer73

    Thoughts on keeping a 33.5" spare with 34.5" tires- Bad idea?

    I run a different narrower WIDTH spare compared to my "on ground" tires, which likely results in my spare being a different diameter. I do that because it will fit in the location my spare goes, under the rear of my FJ60, and it gives me a better departure angle because it does not hang down as...
  14. drbeemer73

    Homeless in Ohio with my 40!

    Overland Bound is an excellent way to meet up with folks, it is world wide with over 25,000 members, one time fee of $25.00 and Michael, the founder, puts on EXCELLENT videos. Search YouTube, you will learn a lot!
  15. drbeemer73

    Builds Keeping another on the road- My Blue 1986 FJ60 Build

    Love your 60, I have had the same one for many years and have faithfully kept it up, lots of add ons for off roading as well. 200,000 miles, pretty much rebuilt everything, perfect condition and I love it! Added Holley Sniper FI two years ago, it has NEVER run right. It is now at a fourth shop...
  16. drbeemer73

    74 PA PIG

    You are certifiably crazy to do this, it make no sense. BUT I applaud and salute you bringing this 55 back to being good. Wonderful. Future owners will greatly appreciate your work. Keep documentation for them as that truck will last a long time, due to your efforts. You are making "provenance"...
  17. drbeemer73

    Shop near Lansdale?

    You did not say what kind of work you want completed. I have shops near me picked out, depending on if you want upholstery (plus an attic), 4WD upgrades, general mx, etc. I am near Downingtown/Exton.
  18. drbeemer73

    frame blasting/painting

    I tried Fluid Film but found it stays sticky and accumulates/attracts dirt, particularly road dust, and it ends up being a mess. Powder coating is not a panacea as it costs the part in plastic and I found the plastic may crack and then rust creeps under the plastic. It is also hard to touch up...
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