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  1. gotmud

    time to clean up the wires, wheres a good place to buy?

    It may not be a boat, but you'll find marine grade wiring easier to solder, has more strands, is more pliable than standard primary wire, plus it won't corrode when exposed to moisture, which can lead to a substantial voltage loss across a circuit. That voltage drop increases the load on the...
  2. gotmud

    time to clean up the wires, wheres a good place to buy?

    My $.02 - consult a wire gauge chart (, use marine grade wiring, solder the connections, shrink wrap, breathe easy knowing Detour Dan won't be talking about your vehicle being the one that's on fire along side the freeway.
  3. gotmud

    Selling my 1996 Land Cruiser Killer deal for only you guys to see

    Just out of curiosity, if you can't afford 13MPG, how can you afford a car payment? Regardless of what you buy, it will likely still take some amount of fuel to operate. I say sell the 80 and use the profits to buy something outright until you can save up for what you want. Making payments on...
  4. gotmud

    Need stock air box

    At $916 list, you might want to look around for a used unit.
  5. gotmud

    Mesa to Tucson?

    I can get it to Marana this Sunday, or Eloy on Friday.
  6. gotmud

    CSC meet elsewhere

    I'm out. I don't think the :princess: would let me wear the bedsheets:frown:
  7. gotmud

    FJ60 in salvage yard

    Hows the DS sheet metal?
  8. gotmud

    P/T Kit Acceleration Info - FZJ-80

    Your 0-60 time is 31 seconds? You might want to verify that with a GPS.
  9. gotmud

    Local performance machine shops?

    BMI also has a complete machine shop attached to their business. Give the number I gave you a call and ask for mike. He's the machine shop mgr. no shortage of skill or knowledge with them regardless of what you're working on. They had a stroked and bored 2F waiting to go out yesterday...
  10. gotmud

    Local performance machine shops?

    I take everything to Baker Machine in Gilbert. They do all the machine work on every engine I rebuild. Give Tom Baker a call and let him know I (Kerry) sent you. Baker Machine (480) 988-1187
  11. gotmud

    Rec media/sandblasting place?

    Murf, I've been using Industrial Powder Coating for several years. They're a little quirky, but good guys. Here's their info: Industrial Powder Coating 3736 South 7th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85041 (602) 268-8777 If you need something other than aluminum oxide used, give Pro Strip a call...
  12. gotmud

    EFI fuse

    X2 if it was actually "glowing". Several threads out there about upgrading the wiring on these. Glad everyone made it home!
  13. gotmud

    FS Storage solutions

    Those won't work for your HD, Tony:D
  14. gotmud

    Tools modded green hub fan clutch

    Blues are working great albeit with a lot of noise. Blacks with 3K will be a nice (quiet) break.
  15. gotmud

    Tools modded green hub fan clutch

    The science seems sound. In my experience with the 100K cst in a newer blue hub, it pulls some serious air through the radiator. So much in fact that the JDM fan appears to be humming away at full speed even when off. My '94 (with a blue hub and 30K cst) doesn't even come close to that kind...
  16. gotmud

    Tools modded green hub fan clutch

    It is a newer style blue hub. No belt slip at all. You might have a point with your theory, but it sure moves more air than the my blue hub with 30K.
  17. gotmud

    Tools modded green hub fan clutch

    Kevin, how thick did you go? I've got 100K cst in the :princess:'s and it's been just fine even at prolonged highway speeds. ***EDIT*** Never mind, saw the build thread after I posted.
  18. gotmud

    FS: FZJ80 engine parts/transmission

    PM sent.
  19. gotmud

    Realtime help electrical in mexico

    Actually no, the keyboard is arranged a little differently. Frustrating as all hell when your're trying to type in a hurry!
  20. gotmud

    FS: Rigid 12" Compound Miter Saw

    Weekly bump
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