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  1. JPHockerAZ

    WTB - locked trail-prepped 80 series in AZ

    I think you tried this a few years ago. Im going to say it again: Dont do it!!;) But really I hope it works out good for you man, Id even be tempted to pick it up for the wife if I didnt live in Alabama now!:doh:
  2. JPHockerAZ

    1997 Cruiser - Parting out

    PM Sent!
  3. JPHockerAZ

    gbentink Turbo Upgrade Users Thread

    Gbentink, Do you have a website or thread somewhere with specs and pricing on your turbos? I am interested. - hijack over.
  4. JPHockerAZ

    For Sale 1997 LX450 - Romer's Truck in CO

    Well, It looks like a solid truck, good history, and treated right. Plus the mods are almost exactly what alot on this board are looking for. I dont think you need it but GLWTS, enjoy the 100 fourm:flipoff2:.
  5. JPHockerAZ

    Gone to the beauty parlor

    Now that it has been 4 years. :eek: How about some photos of the completed product? How has the paint job held up since then? My 94 has had the entire clear coat fail to the point that the paint is now horribly faded and discolored. Mine is due for this type of refresh. Does the price...
  6. JPHockerAZ

    1991 FJ80 front driveshaft u-joint?

    Do you have this # for the front? 04371-35031 It should work but it looks like it has changed to: 04371-60070 These numbers were referenced with an overseas 1991 FJ80 HTH
  7. JPHockerAZ

    For Sale 1991 HZJ77 ZX Turbo Diesel

    No problem! I think that qualifies me for a 1st in line spot. My PM box is empty!:D
  8. JPHockerAZ

    How many miles are on your 80?

    289,XXX and counting on my 1994. Just casual PM:D The only thing wrong with the truck is that tripmeter quit working a few hundred miles ago.
  9. JPHockerAZ

    For Sale 1991 HZJ77 ZX Turbo Diesel

    Missed the sale on the 80 a few years ago. Now this... You need to find another sweet new ride and sell of one of those pickups.:grinpimp:
  10. JPHockerAZ

    80' Cruiser - Fuel warning light (AUS)

    I had this problem a few years ago. There are 4 silicone sealed wires coming out of the top of the fuel pump bracket that can be accessed from under the 2nd row seats. I lightly tapped the top of all of them with a small hammer while looking at the low fuel light on the dash. The only...
  11. JPHockerAZ

    Builds 1965 FJ45lv build up/resto thread

    When I have an entire day to do nothing, I spend it reading this entire thread. Going on 3 times now. Fantastic work.
  12. JPHockerAZ

    any phx wrecking yards have an 80 series?

    Rick, dont know if it helps but I have a front axle housing with nothing in it. no birfs, third etc..
  13. JPHockerAZ

    For Sale 1997 Land Cruiser in Texas $6700

    It is a U.S Spec FZJ80. It has no sliding rear windows because it has no third row seats. Cloth seats are also a rare oddity for a late model U.S FZJ80 but some did have them. The truck was most likely a special order from the dealer as most 1st buyers wanted the leather/third row. This is...
  14. JPHockerAZ

    Need inner axle - Marlin seal expertise

    :doh: haha I didnt even think about that!
  15. JPHockerAZ

    Need inner axle - Marlin seal expertise

    Hey! I recognize that shaft. Tech: yes, the outer side needs a clip
  16. JPHockerAZ

    For Sale 1997 Land Cruiser in Texas $6700

    Very nice rig. I like that it is white, grey cloth interior, lockers and no third row from the looks of it. Should have no problem selling such a unique rig.
  17. JPHockerAZ

    RTH needed Tucson area

    It was a shattered bearing race on the pinion. The crush sleeve actually looked to be in fair shape.
  18. JPHockerAZ

    For Sale Full Size ARB Roof Rack for 80 Series

    Bump for some words. Do not sell it elmariachi!! you will regret it. I sold mine about a year ago and miss it alot. The full length wire mesh arb roof racks are tough and even tougher to find these days. If I had the money I would buy it in a heart beat. BUT, This is a great rack for...
  19. JPHockerAZ

    Secondary Pulsed Air Injection Valve

    That loud clicking noise from the PAIR valve is normal. Even louder on cold starts.
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