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    Louisville Mechanic Rec's

    Howdy, I'm new to the Louisville area and wanted to see if anyone had any good rec's of mechanics for my 97 lx450. I'm sure I'm going to need some extensive work done in the near future. Possible Exhaust work and leak maintenance. Any insight would be great! Thanks!
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    Registry 80 Series Registry

    Victor's 80 1). 1995, fjz80 2). Victor & Meg 3). Churchill 4). 162,000 5). Arb bull bar, cdl switch, scion 1808,yakima rack, locked. 6).Daily Driver, weekend trips. 7).
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    Thinking about this fjz 80

    Hello, I'm looking at this fjz 80. I haven't seen it in person but when I talked to the owner he said the front diff is cracked and needs a new one. He wants $4000. I'm not sure is this is a decent buy or not? thanks Victor Make us a deal-96 Toyota Landcruiser
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    Seat cover for LC or LX, where can I buy one?

    yea second that, can you please send the info for your upholstry guy. that's too good to be tue.
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    seats and carpet (upholstery in san antonio/austin)

    I'm finally getting some work done on my 80. New Arb bull bar (pics soon) but i need some help and advice on an upholstery guy in the san antonio or austin area for my front seats and carpet. Also a body shop guy in the area wouldn't hurt either. Any suggestions would be great. Cheers.
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    front passenger side leak

    For some reason i cannot figure out whenever it rains, the front passenger side floor collects water. I'm at a loss other than that its a leak. any ideas or suggestions for my wife to not have a pond at her feet when we're driving. Thanks
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    Hybrid Level Lift (done)

    Looks Great, where'd you get your parts? Thanks. Victor
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    Good Upholstery Shop San Antonio/Austin Area

    Hello all, I'm looking for a good upholstery shop in the San Antonio/ Austin area. Any suggestions would be great. I'm looking to replace or reupholster my seats, add new carpet, and update my steering wheel. Also ive got a serious itch for some mods so If anyone has any suggestions for a good...
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    rhino line/line x interior

    Hello all, As I'm still a relatively new 80 owner I'm still tinkering with stuff and wanted some advice. I've read some posts about rhino lining fender flares and roofs but I'm considering taking out the carpet and rhino lining the inside. Any advice would be great. Thanks. Also does anybody...
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    Side Steps/Rhino or line x fender flares

    Hello All, I'm about two weeks into owning my 95 fjz 80 and now that I've gotten the engine in good condition im ready to tackle some exterior projects. Im interested in replacing the running boards with some side steps. Any ideas of companies or places to check out? Also Ive thought about...
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    Radio/CD/Speaker upgrade

    Hello all, I've had my fjz80 for about two weeks now and I have just noticed that my front speakers are blown and the factory radio is eating up my burned cds. Does anyone have any ideas of any good upgrades for cd player and speakers for my fjz? Thanks. Victor
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    100 series factory 6 disc changer

    Hey, I was wandering does anyonbody know if the factory radio and 6 disc changer from a 100 series work with a fjz 80? Thanks
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    EGR Valve and modulator

    Hey, I just wanted to get some advice on how crucial a new egr valve and modulator is to my fjz? Also if i get the parts my self would it be difficult to install? Thanks Victor
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    EGR and Oil leak issues

    Thanks. I second you on your advice about the dealership. I got a fierce quote from my local dealer. I've got some good advice about some mechanics in the area. I've been told that my power steering pump has the most sever leak however its not that bad. I've also been advised to get my front...
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    seat won't move back/ smoke smell

    cigg smoke.
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    how to paint stock bumper

    Hey, Im still in the process of getting my fjz 80 in working order ie: new signal marker(next to the headlight) and suggestions on getting it installed would be great. Anyways I just got a stock bumper installed but its beige like the lx 450 color. As a result I'd like to paint it black. My fjz...
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    Flare removal - Do you really just rip 'em off?

    Hey, what do you plan to do with those flares if you can get them off? I'm in need of a driver side flare. Let me know if we can work something out. Thanks victor
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    Mechanics in San Antonio/austin/san marcos area

    Hey, Does anybody have any suggestions for any mechanics in the san antonio,austin,san marcos or new braunfels area? Thanks victor
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    seat won't move back/ smoke smell

    Hey, Does anyone happen to have any ideas or remedies to getting smoke smell out of my 80? Also my passenger front seat won't move back the bottom cushion. thanks Victor
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