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  1. Skybill

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 SOA For Sale

    Yep! Still for sale!
  2. Skybill

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 SOA For Sale

    It does OK at hwy speeds. It just takes a while to get there! However at 8 mpg, I don't take it on many long trips. I didn't re-gear it so you pretty much have to take it out of OD if there is much of an incline, and depending on how steep you might have to downshift further, but she does...
  3. Skybill

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 SOA For Sale

    Bump with new price $4200 OBO.........
  4. Skybill

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 SOA For Sale

    Speedkills: Thanks! Rambrush: Sorry, no lockers and yes it still has the stock 4.11 gears. Those were both things I wanted to do, but the funds never were there.
  5. Skybill

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 SOA For Sale

    1989 FJ62 SOA "Beast!" OFF ROAD SEASON IS HERE! DON”T MISS OUT ON THIS FANTASTIC CRUISER! :crybaby: I really hate to sell my beloved Land Cruiser, but being unemployed, I have no choice. :crybaby: Asking price is $4750, Or Best Offer. Cruiser is located in Vancouver, WA. I am willing to...
  6. Skybill

    How slow are these thing really?

    My 89 with 291K on it will do 0-60 mph in the same day!
  7. Skybill

    What happened while I was away?!?

    ...I'd check for a leak. ... ...You need to re-read his post. He said OBVIOUS things. Duh.... Man, I'm radio tech, not a mechanic but if there's a puddle it seems pretty OBVIOUS there's a leak!!!! I thought it was a pretty funny response!
  8. Skybill

    Looking at buying an FJ62

    My company rig is a 2001 Durango. It gets about 12-13 around town and about 15 highway. It's an OK rig (especially since I'm not paying for it!). That being said, I'd much rather drive my Cruiser (89 FJ-62 w/291K) but with the stock 3FE and 35" tires it gets a whopping 8 mpg. It sits a...
  9. Skybill

    new fj60 & question

    That's a "Get the hell outa my way" bumper!
  10. Skybill

    I Killed My Motor W/Seafoam!

    I dump a can of this in my cruiser every other oil change or so. It's the only "gimmick" stuff that I've used that actually helps. It stopped our 87 Tercel from smoking altogether! For about $10 it's worth a shot! Good Luck!
  11. Skybill

    Random and maybe stupid question???

    Are there any Toyota trucks that could do the job? Any of the Tundra versions would be up to the task, with maybe the exception being the 6 cyl one. Although it might be up to the task too.
  12. Skybill

    transfer case dying!

    I've got one off a 92. The guy I bought it from had just driven if from Denver to Portland and pulled it to do a diesel swap. He said it was in fine shape, just couldn't use it with his new motor/tranny. It has about 190K on it. We can certainly work a deal! I bought it attached to...
  13. Skybill

    Transfer Case Idler Shaft

    When I rebuilt the transfer case on my FJ62 mine looked like that too. I had no problem getting it from the dealer. Seems to me it was somewhere around $50 IIRC, but don't trust my memory! I replaced it and the bearings that ride on it.
  14. Skybill

    Marlin Crawler Bumpers

    I like it. I think the side "risers" should be just a little bit lower, maybe about an inch or so. When can I order one for my 62?
  15. Skybill

    Facebook Group for the 60 Series

    Signed up, and uploaded a few pictures and a video!
  16. Skybill

    FSM repair manuals

    FSM = Factory Service Manuals They can be had from a number of different sources; eBay, here on Mud and your local dealer just to name a few. The Factory Manuals are FAR superior to any Haynes or Chilton manuals. They are pretty much a requirement if you are going to do any serious...
  17. Skybill

    Easy Transmission Q:

    Nope won't work. Ask me how I know! Wanna buy a tranny and transfer case!!! The 92 is full time 4WD and used a different transfer case. The output shaft on the tranny is different. On the FJ62, the output shaft goes all the way through the transfer case and has a big nut on the back...
  18. Skybill

    Toyota BTJ60 Turbo-Diesel For Sale In WA

    From the Portland, OR Craigs List: Toyota BTJ60 Turbo-Diesel
  19. Skybill

    Where's your favorite place to mount a CB radio?

    I have the Cobra 75WX, which is the unit where the whole radio (mostly anyway!) is in the microphone. There is a small interface box, about 1/2 the size of a deck of cards, that I mounted in dash and the small pigtail sticks out through a hole in the dash. This way I can keep the "radio"...
  20. Skybill

    My fj62 Engine Died

    I have a 3FE. PM sent.
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