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    Which Tacoma you guys loving

    facebook market place, there is a classifieds section here and craigslist. Clean it up and take good pictures. Since you are in ID you are going to need to get good pictures showing the underside. Provide a list of things you have done to it and when. For example when I sold mine, i included...
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    Radiator replacement

    When I replaced mine, I put in an auto rad so i could use the auto trans cooler section as a heat exchanger for a camp shower.
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    Finally a Tacoma owner - 2004 Supercharged DCab

    Those bushings could be split and it can be hard to see with how tight the are in there, It really depends on how much movement you are seeing to say if it is in "spec" or not. Are you sure it is front end that is loose and not something more rearward? I helped a friend with suspension and we...
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    Taco ‘98 2RZ-RE 2WD

    sent a pm. not sure if what i sent you will work, but hopefully it has what you need.
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    Thanks for having me!

    Nice and welcome. Cool ride over all so you have a good base to work from. If you do end up needing a parts truck, you should be looking at auto auctions not salvage yards. The real benefit is how a parts car can provide much needed additional outside storage ;) . I am betting you already...
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    Which Tacoma you guys loving

    Patch up the rust on the fender and run it.
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    Which Tacoma you guys loving

    Pretty sure we have the same tent. I saw your posts in the rtt thread. I think you got it on Amazon like me for 1.4 or 1.5k. my memory might not be the best. I can help you with the mounting if you plan to use a ladder rack like me. Will save you hours and hours of planning. I also put it on my...
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    Which Tacoma you guys loving

    2001 extended v6 4x4 Trd manual..has been very good to me for the past 9 years at 190k or so.
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    2001 Taco with wet passenger floor

    If you have an extended cab and the small push out windows, those can leak. you check by sticking your hand in the storage in the back to see if it is wet. Mine don't close super tight but never noticed any moisture from mine. a good way to chase the water is start with your hand up as high...
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    2001 Taco with wet passenger floor

    What @bigredmachine said. That was what happened with mine. Clean that out and you should be and everything else came out of mine..guessing a cat used to sit on the hood over the vents with the previous owner .
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    Anyone ever notice after braking hard the tranny feels like it’s in neutral?

    I don't have that transmission but I don't think there were any toyotas in 97 or beyond that had vacuum operated transmissions but hopefully someone will jump in and correct me if I am wrong. I think everything flexes more on an older vehicle, motor/tranny mounts flex more or break, causing...
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    Anyone ever notice after braking hard the tranny feels like it’s in neutral?

    Is that repeatable or was it a one time thing? I am not aware of the transmission being controlled by vacuum, but I don't have a 97 either nor an auto. I would personally wonder if maybe the engine/tranny mounts are flexing so much that everything moved forward making the warn out shifter be in...
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    Shocks for Tacoma 2003

    I've had 4600 and now have 5100... I like the 5100 better but the 4600s were fine.... I lost 1.5 inches due to tired front springs so my truck seemed to get a lift back to stock..since then I moved to 5100s and gave it a very mild lift of about an inch over stock. Rides very nice
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    Builds 2JZ into 2001 4X4 Tacoma Build

    Reading your build got me thinking about this 2JZ GTE I think it is great you did this and opensourced your knowledge. Hard to tell how many parts get saved from scrap to become someones hobby.
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    Giving it My Best Shot: N22's Tacoma build log.

    in 4wd also! What is the recommended maintenance for the 300k mark? Flush the windshield washer bottle?
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    Builds 2JZ into 2001 4X4 Tacoma Build

    Impressive and informative. What made you come up with this type of setup? Just wanted to build something better than an s-runner?
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    What are most needed parts for 1st gen Tacoma?

    The spare steel wheel has value also, rear bumper if it isn't beat up. ECM, alarm remotes (not big money but people always looking for replacements). If you confirm the steering wheel will go on an 80 series LC, you will have people beating down your door... That charcoal canister is expensive...
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    2003 Toyota suspension questions

    Look a little older at the tread with "collapsed" in the title.
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    2001 Tacoma PreRunner questions not that you will want to do what anyone did in either of those, but something to read. I had horrible suspension when i purchased mine, so did...
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