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    For Sale HDJ-80 “Arctic Truck” for sale

    like a tank it its...
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    For Sale 1962 FJ40 "Resto.-Mod" (South Carolina)

    WOW what a beuty especially with the 3EFI in there....those engines are so much better than the stock and it mated up right it seems.
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    For Sale 71FJ40 with oem pto winch

    damn 2500...thats a steal...great price. YOur in Utah right?
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    For Sale 69 FJ40 in Los Angeles

    dont go cheaper than what you think its worth. Your right nothing is moving right now especially old cars. Right now in this economy an old car is not a neccesity vs a newer one. Your rig is awesome man keep it. On that note there are some really desperate people right now that are letting go...
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    eBay 75 FJ40 for sale-Nice Daily Driver!

    yeah those ebayers I swear they bid to make it seem like cars are selling higher than they are and you are then forced to relist cause they back out AFTER the auction has ended. I see you put it back up at 5k flat unbelievable you bought it for 5k and put 7k into and yet still does not sell...
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    Yard find

    Yeah I agree, but you have a lot of mudders who paid ridiculous prices before you that didnt even run and are pissed :rolleyes: so they take the anger out on folks who get good deals..... The restore process should be fun as heck man...:D
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    Wanted Want to buy: FJ40 Hardtop

    haha I wonder if thats you then that I see in the AZ craigslist :)
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    AZ smog won't pass

    check it all such as air filter, fuel filter, etc....
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    Yard find

    haha...this is a great awesome thread bro...I know some folks are really MAD at you for such a find and price you paid for it. CONGRATS!!!!
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    eBay 75 FJ40 for sale-Nice Daily Driver!

    big difference though just because the auction ended with a high bidder does not equal the bidder paying thats why you see so many ebayers relist their auction up to 3 times. or plain give up Mudders here though would buy it, me personally if I had a mudder offer what I wanted for a vehicle...
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    Chalk One Up For the Rattle Cans!

    thats cheaper than a Maaco job at 300 plus tax and other fees crap. It looks good....
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    Most MPG from a 62?

    getting 14.5 city/highway mix in highway I drive about 65 to 70 anymore than 70 car dont drive nice enough...
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    Opinions (*sigh*) on selling price...with photos

    nice rig and nice price man for sure...
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    Fj40 price guide

    this is funny....good post bsmith
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    For Sale Amazing 1997 FZJ80 Land Cruiser - Collector's Edition Professionally Built

    no offense dude, but your car is way over built and way to nice...good luck on the sale.
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    1500 bucks yea or nay?

    Thx again everyone for the help and opinion.... Its funny reading everyones responses gives me a breathe of fresh air of what to pay for then again I get respones from folks who claim they overspent on their FJ and I should do the guys are right the rig alone is not worth 1500 for...
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    1500 bucks yea or nay?

    looking to make something a daily driver, but not a complete engine/tranny/axle overhaul I dont have the room for that. Electrical issues no biggie, fluid changes no biggie, misc stuff no biggie as long as I dont have to take apart the tranny, axles, engine it be ok by me. I ask these...
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    1500 bucks yea or nay?

    Thats a good way of putting it as a parts car like you said I was trying to be 'modest' and trying to figure out what needs work. I told the guy as long as the engine and tranny are good I wont mind much of anything else since I dont have the room to overhaul the engine itself tranny I might...
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    1500 bucks yea or nay?

    its a 69 and it seems every time I talk to him he divulges more information. I found out yesterday that the engine is a engine from a 70 cause the orginial died on him had a knock in it. Then of course he did the 3 on the floor from the column.
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    1500 bucks yea or nay?

    nspctr1, thanks for you opinion as usual man on price values here are some more pics of it.
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