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  1. Youngster

    Is anyone making fender flares for 16-18 LCs ?

    I’m wondering if anyone confirmed if they can get the jdm TRD fenders flares?
  2. Youngster

    SOLD South OC, SoCal - 200ser Gobi Ladder

    Thank you can’t wait to get it!
  3. Youngster

    For Sale 200-series take-off parts (BH3D, Diode Dynamics, etc.) - N. Virginia

    Dang was too late. Well let me know if the buyer falls through on the escape gear dash mat and seat covers. I will be next in line. Thank you!
  4. Youngster

    For Sale SoCal - Custom premium drawer / platform buildout commissions!

    Wow this is really awesome! For sure adding this to my Christmas list. I will save your number, definitely will be chatting in the near future!😇
  5. Youngster

    HDJ81 Cruise Control Issues

    I’m bringing this back from the dead 💀 did anyone find a solution to this?
  6. Youngster

    For Sale SOCAL: 80 series hitch receiver

    I will take the hitch receiver. Does it come with all of its hardware as well?
  7. Youngster

    Wits' End Accessory Mounting Quarter Panel- need input

    I second this….!
  8. Youngster

    SOLD Houston, TX - SCS F5 Matte Bronze…5X

    Same! Just sent you a PM.
  9. Youngster

    SOLD Houston, TX - SCS F5 Matte Bronze…5X

    Dang man wish these where in 16’s. But I may still want to come check them out to see how they look on my 80. I’m in Houston.
  10. Youngster

    SOLD Nashville: FZJ80 sunroof parts

    You got mail.
  11. Youngster

    Wanted 80 Series OEM snorkel pipe.

    You and I both man if anyone has 2 kits let’s us know 😉 bump for you!
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