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  1. TBIFJ40

    Toy Vac to Chevy master adapter

    Not even worth replying to.
  2. TBIFJ40

    Parting out FJ62, 1988

    HELLLLO! What part of SOLD are we missing here people!
  3. TBIFJ40

    Toy Vac to Chevy master adapter

    Hmmm what part of "dont reply here" and "make me and offer" wasnt clear?
  4. TBIFJ40

    3.70 LC third member

    Good info on the shipping cost. Not hardly worth it, it would seem!
  5. TBIFJ40

    Toy Vac to Chevy master adapter

    Adapts the Toyota Vacuum assist to the Chevy master cylinder. Made by Scott at Rockstomper, I think I paid $10 for it, I also have a Jegs adjustable proprtioning valve ($34) and the master cylinder for a late 70s early 80s 3/4 chevy. Brand new, never used!! Make me an offer... 970 214 7310...
  6. TBIFJ40

    FJ62 spare lift ratchet

    I dont know what its called, lifts the spare into position under the tank in an FJ62. Works great!! $25? obo... 970 214 7310 or PM please
  7. TBIFJ40

    FJ40 radiator and front metal

    Send me a PM if you want pics, etc please, I probably wont re-check the ad.
  8. TBIFJ40

    FJ40 radiator and front metal

    FJ40 radiator and front sheet metal. Grill, bezel, side pieces over the fenders. NO RUST $10 obo for the radiator, make me an offer on the sheet metal. 970 214 7310
  9. TBIFJ40

    3.70 LC third member

    3.70 third member, fj 60, excellent shape, Denver area...$20 obo...just want someone to use it. 970 214 7310
  10. TBIFJ40

    Wanted customized front and rear bumpers for 80

    Go to your local community college, learn how to weld and build your own. Save you a ton of money, you'll have what u want, & you'll learn a skill
  11. TBIFJ40

    For Sale FJ62 Body, Engine, Trans & Case, Axles

    Too nice to part out....Too bad:(
  12. TBIFJ40

    FJ62 master cyl, ac parts, fuel pump

    1988 FJ 62 parts (found this box in the garage, thought it was gone) Brake master cylinder, a/c/parts and hoses, fuel pump, T case shifter. Nothing over $20, plus shipping. pm or phone call would be the best 970 214 7310
  13. TBIFJ40

    Parting out FJ62, 1988

    Body parts only.
  14. TBIFJ40

    88 FJ 62

    Dont respond here, Im not gonna check that often. Call me or send a pm.
  15. TBIFJ40

    88 FJ 62

    see new list
  16. TBIFJ40

    FJ62 exhaust Y pipe and cats

    I have the "Y" pipe that comes off the manifolds, and two catalytic converters, all in excelent shape. I can send pics of the interior honeycomb grid in the cats if need be. 970 214 7310
  17. TBIFJ40

    Parting out FJ62, 1988

    SOLD this unit with near perfect body and interior for $ and tailgate were pristine! In other words this unit has been SOLD!!!!!!!! did I Mention its has been SOLD!! yes the whole thing SOLD!!!! quit replying to the ad and pm-ing me!
  18. TBIFJ40

    Need Help with 14 Bolt Carrier ID

    That looks kinda like a gov lock to me....hard to tell by the pics tho. On the non-tooth side of the ring gear there will be a couple of round holes that have a clutch lining looking thing in them...thats a gov lock, and its hard to see the mechanisms until you open the diff. That and counting...
  19. TBIFJ40

    Homebrew shackle reversal

    DONT use shims in the front! I dont care what anybody says, it flat out isnt safe, especially if you wheel the thing at all; the springs flex and move around, which can crush the aluminum shims, causing them to come loose and leave the vehicle at the wrong time! You could make metal ones and...
  20. TBIFJ40

    School me on 63" Chevy springs

    Kling-on is right; the springs are a lot longer, the move or flex more, which results in a LOT more movement of the axle whcih provides for a much softer ride....maybe too soft in some situations, but the articulation is awesome!
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