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  1. b.crush-a-lot

    Wanted Looking for unmodified UZJ100 <150K

  2. b.crush-a-lot

    For Sale Minneapolis- Third Row seats for 100 series. Tan/Oak leather.

    Free…..saw this on Craigslist. Sure is the right price of anyone needs these.
  3. b.crush-a-lot

    SOLD set of 5 80 series wheels, later/shank lug nut style

    PM sent as well…..thx.
  4. b.crush-a-lot

    For Sale Paducah, KY. 5 wheel and tires from 2021 LX570. Include lug nuts and key.

    How’d you reach out? I didn’t see anything. I’ll pm you my number. 👊
  5. b.crush-a-lot

    SOLD DFW, Texas - 2004 LX 470 - 159K

    Very nice rig and well represented……best of luck with your sale.
  6. b.crush-a-lot

    Builds 1978 US Market FJ40 Factory Reset

    Hey dmaddox…..I bought that 40 you’re referencing above, what exact pic would you like? It’s sitting in my garage right now. Happy to FaceTime with you too if that helps. I’ll send you a pm with my contact info. 👊
  7. b.crush-a-lot

    SOLD 1978 FJ40 California Blue Plated 100% original rust free body.

    Very cool. PM sent.
  8. b.crush-a-lot

    SOLD Columbus OH 1995-1997 FZJ80

    Btw…..found a white California 1997 80 with 250k miles in Washington State from a private seller. Having it shipped home. Paid $13k. Can’t wait to see that bad boy roll of the carrier. 😬
  9. b.crush-a-lot

    SOLD Columbus OH 1995-1997 FZJ80

    I’ll keep an eye out for you too. PM me if you wanna bs about 80s. 👊
  10. b.crush-a-lot

    SOLD Columbus OH 1995-1997 FZJ80

    Thanks Joe……I bought an 80 today. Also thanks to the Mud community for providing this forum, such a wealth of knowledge for all of us Toyota/Lexus enthusiasts.
  11. b.crush-a-lot

    SOLD Columbus OH 1995-1997 FZJ80

    Hey Fellow Mudders- Looking for a 1995-1997 FZJ80. Willing to travel for the right one. Stock or slightly built. Some good maintenance history. No Rust would be great but minimal undercarriage is fine, I understand not all cruisers come form the desert southwest. Really looking for...
  12. b.crush-a-lot

    For Sale 1999 Landcruiser/ Denver - $10,500

    Love that color….GLWS.
  13. b.crush-a-lot

    Trade Omaha, NE 2004 Tundra SR5 46k Miles

    Sent you a PM….👊
  14. b.crush-a-lot

    SOLD LC or LX470, ideally in Texas/South

    @studio19atx - is this your 2004 LX your referring to? I’d be interested but I may be misinterpreting this thread. Congrats to m434343s for finding one. 👊
  15. b.crush-a-lot

    SOLD Kingsport, TN 2002 Lexus lx470

    Very cool color.
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