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  1. aamiggia

    diesel option

    I think the vast majority of Yankees don't like and/or understand how good new diesels are. That coupled with the cheap fuel have made diesel unattractive in the US. Since Canada is such a small market, we get everything that the US gets. Let me ask you, who wouldn't want 50% better fuel...
  2. aamiggia

    where does FJ cruiser manual t-case come from?

    I'm pretty sure that the tranny is from the V6 Prado sold in Oz. The V6 petrol Prado is available with a 6-speed, full-time, manual transmission, with Torsen LSD only when mated to the 4.0L V6. The gearing is the same so it must be the tranny. Check out the brochure. The Prado comes...
  3. aamiggia

    Who's looking at FJ Cruisers?

    I think "outdoorsy" is a relative term. The true "hardcore" outdoor enthusiasts put most of their disposable money into equipment. They buy top of the line stuff so they can beat the s*** out of it. They know that their vehicle only needs a roof rack and wheels. These guys drive old civic's (as...
  4. aamiggia

    27 mpg???

    Beware the great fuel consumption marketing that people throw around in Canada. Everyone in Canada knows that a Gallon is always a US gallon when quoting MPG's for vehicles. All dealers and a lot of guys on the diesel forum like to trick themselves into thinking that they're getting great...
  5. aamiggia

    From Toyota of Canada website

    Just checked out the link. I like the fact that I can get a manual base model and it comes full-time 4wd and a rear locker for under $30,000 CDN. But realistically I would want the "B" package, but not for $3,500 more. I just need a rear wiper and cruise. Does anybody know how hard it would...
  6. aamiggia

    From Toyota of Canada website

    I'm glad we will be getting the FJ at the same time as the US. Most articles I read made no mention of Canada and the website only had the FJ as a Future vehicle up to now. I don't see it selling well here since the gas is close to $1/L. Since premium is recommended it is going to...
  7. aamiggia

    what i want to know is....

    Why would you want to buy a brand new vehicle and SAS it? $25k+ for the vehicle and tear it apart and "redesign" the front suspension or use one from an 80. What axle would you use, an 80? Money is better spent on an 80 and addressing it's short coming like chopping the overhang, al a Slee's...
  8. aamiggia

    Special Edition FJC in the Works

    I'm with Ocelot! The best part about the Car & Driver article was the comment about how Prius's have a waiting list and Honda hybrids not selling. The hybrid car is a environmental symbol that says "Look I care about the environment". Do they really? Just like Jeep TJ's have a symbol of...
  9. aamiggia

    Premium unleaded only?

    Hopefully that picture is from a preproduction model or one equiped with an SC. The 4Runner with the 4.0L V6 uses regular. AFAIK, the FJ will use the same engine. Toyota would surely lose sales if the FJ required premium.
  10. aamiggia

    Whose Toyota Marketing Too??? No T.V. Commercials

    Toyota really seems to know their marketing stuff. The core group of buyers will not be the offroaders. They will be the same folks that feel into the media trap for the X-Terra and the ones that want to be preceived as free sprited Jxxp drivers. Instead of following the cheasy path set by...
  11. aamiggia

    A manditory specification should be. . .

    Auto Marketing 101: You never introduce your new vehicle with all of the options. Keep some tricks up your sleeves. The first 2 years will attrack all of the people who have to have it and there will be huge hype. When the initial hype dies down after year 2 or 3 look to intorduce the...
  12. aamiggia

    New Pictures On

    The biggest setback to Euro/JDM diesels has been the high sulphur content and the low fuel prices on this side of the pond. In 2007 the sulphur content will be greatly reduced and the last time I checked, fuel prices were approaching Euro levels. Canada is poised to have a diesel invasion in...
  13. aamiggia

    Have you seen the new Landcruiser Concept?

    I wouldn't be surprised if we see more offerings for smaller cars than our US friends (that's why we got the 70 series in the first place). It has already started with the smart, Audi A3, Toyota Echo (Yaris next year), Swift +, etc. Why not in the form of a small cruiser. I'm not holding my...
  14. aamiggia

    What will the MPG be on the FJ Cruiser?

    No, not for anything but commercial vehicles. I believe there is much lighter polution control laws for these vehicles. I'm waiting for the price of a Dodge sprinter to come down so I can convert it into a camper van. They get like 30 mpg from a 2.7L I6 Mercedes diesel. The new MB 320 CDI has...
  15. aamiggia

    What will the MPG be on the FJ Cruiser?

    "Barring some dramatic change in technology, passenger-car diesels will disappear by 2007, when Tier 2 emissions regs come on in full force. No current passenger-car diesel meets this new standard." C&D, Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4 Diesel review. I have heard that Japan is phasing out diesel's in...
  16. aamiggia

    FJ Cruiser Survey

    Survey done! I let them have it for not putting a solid front axle or a diesel or hybrid engine. I made the comparison to the Liberty diesel and the TJ Rubicon. ;p Let's hope we can skew the market research a bit.
  17. aamiggia

    1960 FJ40 on the FJ Cruiser site, Toy screwed up, again!!

    I like the "AVAILABLE LOCKING REAR DIFFERENTIAL" on the side view. It'll never do what a modded 80 will, but it is good to have a short wheelbase and overhangs. I'll take a hybrid engine if a diesel is never offered.
  18. aamiggia

    To wait or not to wait… The H3 vs. FJ Cruiser Story

    Get a newer 80! The only short comings are the weight (in mud and soft sand) and the rear overhang. I dn't complain about the rear overhang when I'm sleeping in the truck or carrying stuff. Besides, to offset the weight get wider tires (w/ lower pressure) and the rear overhang is not a...
  19. aamiggia

    FJ in Automobile mag

    Obivously this guy knows very little about Landcruiser's. So I guess having the same name means having the same over built reliability? Even Toyota marketing would never do that, they'd be shooting themselves in the foot.
  20. aamiggia

    Toyota R&D Reading, We Want a 70 Series

    It could be an investment too. Look at how much a leaky Defender 90 or 110 go for. Probably just as much as it was bought for. The had very limited importation in the mid 90's, like 200 units of the 110. In England they are a dime a dozen, but you can't legally import them.
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