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  1. J

    Misplaced West Coaster in RI

    I'm the reverse: a displaced Ma$$hole on the West Coast. There are a lot of good people in the area that will fill you in on good places to wheel. I wasn't aware of the new sticker law, though.
  2. J

    New to MA... soon

    With the exception of donks (which should be inspected), I can honestly say the cars on the road here don't look any crappier than the stuff I used to see driving up north.
  3. J

    40 road trip

    Ant, good to hear, man. I remember talking to you about it a few years ago when it still needed a lot work, and it's cool to see that everything came together. The truck looks awesome.
  4. J

    It's Done!!!!

    Holy crap! That thing looks awesome, Ant. Good luck.
  5. J

    car show at Gillette Stadium Oct 8th and 22nd

    I love the new Challengers. I had thought about driving out to NY to see a black 2010 at a dealer, but I really can't justify or afford it. How do you like it, mopar?
  6. J

    car show at Gillette Stadium Oct 8th and 22nd

    Here's an older pic of it. The hole in the hood now has a scoop over it. It's a 440/727 auto car. I'm going to try and go on 10/22. What time do you have to be there to get in the show?
  7. J

    car show at Gillette Stadium Oct 8th and 22nd

    Nah, I bought a Dodge Coronet.
  8. J

    car show at Gillette Stadium Oct 8th and 22nd

    The guy who did the exhaust on my car went to one on a Saturday last month. He said the turnout was really good. I wish it was on a weekend and I would enter mine.
  9. J

    Todays wrenching

    I take back my earlier statement. I saw it at Napa a few days later.
  10. J

    Todays wrenching

    You may have to go through Summit or Jeg's for Plasti-gauge. I don't think any of the parts stores carry it on the shelf.
  11. J

    VTcruiser60's Spring Build--Much to do...

    Don't feel bad. I did that with oil once and the clean up was a hell of a lot harder.
  12. J

    Heading to Kina Country this weekend- Mudship

    What's that 45 need aside from the extensive body work?
  13. J

    Ignition problem !

    If it happens again, first check to see if you have spark as previously stated. Second, pull the cap and see it's wet. If it is, spray around the inside of the distributor with WD40 to displace the water. I agree on the cracked cap.
  14. J

    Todays wrenching

    Looking good, Ant and Rick! HJ45Crewcab, have you ever seen these for a temporary fix? I think JC Whitney sells them cheaper. If all four studs are broken, it's probably not feasible.
  15. J

    Summer Cruiser sigthings....

    A guy in my town has a white 40 for sale. I've seen it driving around a few times. It looks it has a Gozzard body, a V8, and 36's. I saw it on CL for $20k.
  16. J

    Swap my 40 3rd member for $? (Albany NY)

    A hammer and punch to tap on the flange so that the third will actually come out helps.
  17. J

    Swap my 40 3rd member for $? (Albany NY)

    I'm positive that one is 4.11. Divide the number of teeth on the ring gear by the number of teeth on the pinion if you want to be sure.
  18. J

    Swap my 40 3rd member for $? (Albany NY)

    Amir, like Leaping Deer said, it's a really easy job. You will need to pull crosspin retainer and remove the c-clips to pull the shafts, but it's accessible by pulling the rear cover.
  19. J

    Completely unrelated to wheeling whatsoever

    Where is the show at?
  20. J

    most ludicrous project

    rabid, no go on the big seat from the guy up the street. Most of his stuff is Huffy and Schwinn 10-spd crap from the late 80's. I'm going to have my friend check his uncle's house. He also collects the worthless commodity known as old rusty bicycles.
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