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  1. Rascal

    MetalTech Bumper 2016 Tacoma

    Metal Tech 16+ 3rd Gen Tacoma Bumper Stage 3
  2. Rascal

    Sound off if you're here

    Here! Kinda...
  3. Rascal

    First person to my house...

    Hey guys - Time to clean out the garage. The truck is mostly done so I have a couple of things that are taking up space... 1. Clarke Parts washing sink. Works great - will need to be emptied... 2. Benchtop sand blasting cabinet. First person to my house gets them both - FREE...
  4. Rascal

    Yakima Roof Rack/Box/Bike carrier

    I like the sound of that. How about sometime in mid-late July? Who wants to be the fourth?
  5. Rascal

    Yakima Roof Rack/Box/Bike carrier

    Hello all - Long time... I have a Yakima Roof Rack from my 2007 Land Cruiser. Includes: Grab Rails for a factory roof rail system, 58in Round Bars Space Cadet cargo box 1 x Sprocket Rocket bike carrier all matching locks. $500 - come get it! Bruce
  6. Rascal

    Razorback Ramble - Hot Springs AR

    I like the picture on the flyer... Good looking kid!
  7. Rascal

    antiwrap bar location?

    Yeppers - I'm still lurking around... I think that was Rascal 1.1.
  8. Rascal

    antiwrap bar location?

    Since you have the newer style tub (gas tank underneath) there is plenty of room to tuck the front shackle up behind a skid plate. Hope these pics help. Also notice what I was saying about the drive shaft slider. Jason does great work.
  9. Rascal

    antiwrap bar location?

    The other nice thing about Jason's design is that it works as a great rear drive shaft slider...;)
  10. Rascal

    New Cruiser in town

    No not mine... A buddy of mine picked this up: His name is Mike Mollo. mmollo here on mud. We will try to make the meeting this Thursday. Butch - will you be at the meeting? He wants...
  11. Rascal

    Builds NEW Cruiser buggy - Sunray Engineering

    That's good to see. ;)
  12. Rascal

    07 Timing Belt Change

    Just for future reference... Here's the parts and part numbers I replaced on my 07. Timing Belt - 13568-09070 Idler Sub-Assembly - 13503-0F010 Idler Sub-Assembly - 13505-0F010 Tensioner - 13540-50030 Water Pump Assembly - 16100-59275-83 Thermostat - 90916-03138 Thermostat Gasket -...
  13. Rascal

    DIY timing belt & water pump

    Water Pump = $107.30 - Just got one from CDan.
  14. Rascal

    07 Timing Belt Change

    Yeah... I picked it up at Toyota of Dallas with 4 Miles on the clock 3 years ago last month. I spend a lot of time in my Cruiser. My goal is to put over 300K on this one. This is actually my 3rd one. Had a 95 that I put 175K (which I never should have sold:mad:) and a 81 FJ40 - that I built...
  15. Rascal

    07 Timing Belt Change

    1st of all I want to say thanks to Pete Pressley and spressomon for the two great write-ups in the FAQ. The FSM is spot on except for a few torque settings. I changed out the timing belt, water pump, tensioner and both idler pullys and the drive belt at 92,000 on my 07 Cruiser. All of the...
  16. Rascal

    Factory Service Manual-new source

    I canceled the first order. Got the one you found. I searched EBay - I just somehow missed this one. Thanks for your help.
  17. Rascal

    FSM for a 2007 LC

    Thanks! I missed that. Got it ordered. Take Care!
  18. Rascal

    Factory Service Manual-new source

    Thanks - The only thing Helm has for the 07 is 98-08 BEG LAND CRUISER Body Repair Manual. Not going to help on replacing the timing belt. :D I ordered the engine FSM from Toyota Material Distribution. $122.00 inc. tax and shipping. there are 3 more - Suspension, Nav and Electrical - all...
  19. Rascal

    FSM for a 2007 LC

    Hello all, Where is the best place to buy a FSM? I am getting ready to do the 90K service on my 2007. Does anyone know if the parts lists I found in this forum are good for the 2007? TIA
  20. Rascal

    2010 Lone Star Land Cruiser Round Up - Official Thread

    Finally got a chance to get my pix up... LSLC Roundup 10 - K2 -, Climbing Pictures, Photographs & Photos
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