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    Knock sensor connector

    If you figure it out, let me know. My best guess is that the O'Reilly sensors are not quite sending the right signal, and I need to replace the one I installed. I also replaced the front knock sensor and the pigtail. I spliced the front knock sensor to the rear, and the rear sensor is currently...
  2. K

    '97 Front Knock Sensor Woes

    They were the cheap ones. Interestingly, I just checked their website and they now offer a more expensive one. I've read mixed things about the cheap knock sensors.
  3. K

    '97 Front Knock Sensor Woes

    I've been fighting a code for the front knock sensor. I traced the wiring back to the ECU and it has good continuity. I replaced the sensor once and the code came back after 50 miles. I returned and replaced the sensor two more times and the code kept coming back. I spliced in a new pig tail and...
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    Air conditioner from hell

    I fixed the AC on my '94 with a new expansion valve. Be sure to run the troubleshooting steps first to verify what it is. Another wild idea I have is that you might have a failing heater valve? I doubt that would be intermittent. You can easily see if the heater valve is being moved without...
  5. K

    Knock sensor. Replace one or both?

    Thanks for posting that up. I'm replacing my knock sensor wiring chasing down an issue. It looks like the link you provided isn't plug and play for FZJ80's, but we can cut the ends off and splice them in. Is that correct?
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    A/C Intermittently Working

    MY '94 needed a new expansion valve when I had similar issues. It would blow cold for a while, then go warm. Make sure that when it's blowing warm that the compressor clutch is engaging. If it's blowing warm, the temp switch is in good order, charge is correct, and the clutch engages when you...
  7. K

    Key Fob Replacement

    I got a two pack of remotes for my 97 from that paired easily. 2 New Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob for Toyota RS3000, BAB237131-022 Black The two pack was $50. The buttons are not as crisp as oem, but at that price I don't care.
  8. K

    A/C Compressor and Drier Replaced...

    I suspect the AC system is slowly leaking. Either the recharge was enough to pop another connector or they didn't reassemble it correctly.
  9. K

    FJ80 Transmission Options

    Since no one else mentioned it, you wrote that you had the brake rotors replaced. This requires taking the hub apart, and if they goofed up on the reassembly that could make a rumbling noise in the area you describe. I hope you don't need a whole new transmission and it is something easier!
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    Urgent: Can anyone recommend a vehicle appraiser in the Denver area

    Sorry, I can't suggest an appraiser, but the timing is probably pretty bad with the hail storm that just caused a ton of damage around here. I suspect insurance companies are being very stingy right now. The good news is they are required to make you whole again, so if they can't show you a...
  11. K

    94 delayed cranking. Starter, ignition switch, or other?

    For anyone chasing starting issues that can be addressed with a tap on the starter, be sure that the PO didn't install a cheap aftermarket starter. I rebuilt my starter on my '94 only to discover it was aftermarket and the bore was crooked. The OEM starter from the Toyota dealer worked great...
  12. K

    Failed Colorado Emissions - NOx - FJ80 1994

    Yes, thanks. I edited my post.
  13. K

    Failed Colorado Emissions - NOx - FJ80 1994

    My '94 was improved but still a little temperamental with NOx even after new O2 sensors and an EGR system cleaning. High NOx indicates a high combustion temperature. A high combustion temperature can be caused by a lean fuel mixture. Therefore O2 sensors and fuel injectors are possible suspects...
  14. K

    Front LCA Bushing Press Tool Loan?

    Me, too. But I used a press to push in the new ones. The aluminum tool just deformed in the press, so then I beat them in with a hammer.
  15. K

    Which FOB for the RS3000?

    I bought two of these a month ago for my '97 because we only have one factory fob. Both work great, they just have 5 un-used buttons. midfat- no to be pedantic, but you're clearing the codes from the alarm unit under the drivers seat, not the ECU in the dash, right? I did clear all my codes...
  16. K

    Charcoal Canister Issues

    Out of curiosity I did a search on Amazon for "charcoal canister" and this was the third result: ACDelco 215-153 GM Original Equipment Vapor Canister: Automotive They don't list the dimensions or features, but for that price or might be worth trying to adapt it, or look for some...
  17. K

    Fail Colorado Emissions Test Again

    Thanks for the info. I never looked into the details. That's one of the few systems I haven't delved into on a Cruiser!
  18. K

    Fail Colorado Emissions Test Again

    I wasn't aware retarding the timing was possible with a direct drive distributor cap like the FZJ80 has. What mechanism retards the timing via the ECU?
  19. K

    Heater Blend Valve part number from NAPA

  20. K

    Cat Cleaning Citric & Oxalic Acid. CO Emissions

    Good luck. I'm sure you've read it elsewhere, but just in case: get the cats good and hot on a highway lap. Turn off O/D, and turn on PWR. I proved this when my wife tested our last Cruiser. It went in cold with O/D on, and missed NOX. I did nothing but what I listed above, and it passed with...
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