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    Front driver side "grinding"

    Hi all. I have an 01 Landcruiser wtih a noticable "drone" (noise/slight vibration) when I turn to the right, no sound when I turn left. So figured it's time to replace wheel bearings/races, and even CV axle seeing the truck has 265k miles. I replaced bearing/races and CV axle, all...
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    100 series exhaust manifold

    it's time for new exhaust manifolds on my '01 Cruiser, has anyone used the SKP manifolds(Rock Auto), Dorman (O'Reilly's), or Napa OE manifold to replace the stock manifolds? My cruiser has 218k and runs like a champ, and before I spend $800 on Toyota OE, I thought I'd ask if anyone had anything...
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    Exhaust Manifold Crack

    Have the same "ticking" noise under acceleration! Either a crack or warped, been like that for about 15k. If Gibson decides on engineering an aftermarket header, I'd buy a set. Keep me posted.
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    Navigation question

    My 01 LC direction arrow blinks too.....It was a just a solid red arrow for a few has a gold circle around it and blinks constantly. I hate it and want to get rid of the blinking but don't know how. I ejected the Nav disc hoping it would reset, but nothing. I will play around with...
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    2001 Navigation DVD

    I'm having a problem with the Nav on my '01 LC. The red direction triangle is cirlced and blinking......and I can't get rid of do I get back to just the red triangle????? any help.
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    2001 Navigation DVD

    after you slide the open/eject nob, there's an eject button you push to eject the Nav DVD.
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