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  1. 4mydogs

    Question about smoking a butt...

    We have guests coming for Thanksgiving and I want to serve pulled pork to them the day before which is of course Wednesday. I can only smoke this weekend, so will the meat be okay if smoked Sunday and refrigerated to eat Wednesday? How about smoking it Saturday? I've never stored pulled...
  2. 4mydogs

    For Sale  1967 VW Beetle Convertible, Hilton Head Island, SC

    1967: THE most unique, and therefore most desirable, year of the VW Beetle. What could be better? A convertible! This VW has been professionally maintained by a local VW specialist and garage kept since I purchased it in 1999, and driven for pleasure and to car shows in South Carolina, Georgia...
  3. 4mydogs

    Renting a van in Las Vegas

    Anyone have any personal experience or local feedback? I'll be driving a group on a trip from Las Vegas out to Zion, Bryce and Arches National Parks and anything else we can fit in. I've narrowed my search to a 12 passenger Ford Transit. A few of the big name rental agencies have them, but...
  4. 4mydogs

    In remembrance of D-Day

    The wave of landings at Normandy on this day in 1944 have been written about extensively, and rightly so. S.L.A. Marshall wrote of the events at Omaha Beach in this 1960 essay. Even then he believed that time had "softened the horror" of that day. First Wave at Omaha Beach - The Atlantic...
  5. 4mydogs

    Red light ticket

    So my SO was driving our Sequoia through Haines City FLA in January, and a month later I received a Notice of Violation that it went through a red light and that I (as registered owner) owe $158. It tells me to go to violationinfo dot com with any questions. Scam or legit? Are cities farming...
  6. 4mydogs

    Ceiling fan question for electrically inclined mudders

    I have a probably 20-year-old Hampton Bay 3-speed reversible ceiling fan with a light kit. Hasn't ever given me any trouble, and it runs nearly constantly on medium or low speed...until it didn't any more. Suddenly it went from three speeds to one. The pull switch would turn it off, but in...
  7. 4mydogs

    For Sale  1967 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

    1967 is considered by the Volkswagen car community nationwide to be the most unique, and therefore most desirable, year of the VW Beetle. Even better is a convertible! This VW has been professionally maintained by a local VW specialist and garage kept since I purchased it in 1999, and driven for...
  8. 4mydogs

    For Sale  BUDGE 4Runner car cover in Bluffton, SC, USA

    I am selling a 4Runner cover that was purchased around 6 years ago from Budge. It is tan in color, and the tags say 100% Polypropylene, #34035, Made in USA. I called Budge to see which cover it is, and they say it is the Titan 4L, or what...
  9. 4mydogs

    HVAC gurus, your input please

    I live in a modest home in coastal South Carolina, the heat/humidity capital of the world. I've been in my home for 19 years. The original HVAC system was 15 years old when I moved in and lasted another 5. Current system was installed 14 years ago and has been nearly trouble-free. We have an...
  10. 4mydogs

    Engine gasket sets

    I'm looking at a few websites to order an engine gasket set (need head gasket, valve cover, valve stem seals, intake & exhaust, etc), specifically and, and want to make certain I'm getting the right set and the best value. My 1969 FJ40 has the F145 (single-barrel) engine, so...
  11. 4mydogs

    Not overheating, but overflowing

    In the time since I got my FJ40 and when I got it running, I flushed the cooling system and replaced the hoses, thermostat and radiator cap. Later I discovered my radiator leaking so I replaced it as well. As I began to drive it on longer trips, 25-30 miles, I noticed that coolant would come out...
  12. 4mydogs

    How tough to replace the upper door frame

    on my '69 FJ40? Mine got bent pretty badly. It looks like it would be better to swap out the frame instead of an entire door (simpler and cheaper). Has anyone who has done this got any pointers for me? Thanks!
  13. 4mydogs

    Clutch issues when hot

    The engine, not the outside temperature. When I start her up dead cold, the shifter moves easily through the gears and shifts into first and reverse with no gear grinding. Driving becomes increasingly difficult when the engine gets up to normal operating temp -- gear grinding when shifting...
  14. 4mydogs

    Need tire info for my 1969 FJ40

    The previous owner put Goodyear Wrangler GSAs on it. They still have boatloads of tread, but driving recently I felt some wobble/shake that led me to take a closer look at them. The truck sat for years, which probably led to the dry rot that I found. I had noticed the light cracking on the...
  15. 4mydogs

    A year later - update to my '69 FJ40

    Last summer I posted this... It took over a year, but "Wanda" is back on the road. :) Here's a tally of what it took (to date): Replaced gas tank Rebuilt carburetor Installed fuel pressure regulator Replaced...
  16. 4mydogs

    Heater valve question

    I finally got my '69 FJ40 on the road last week. (Yaay) Within no time the heater was cranking and I was sweating. I found the valve with a little t-handle coming out of the cylinder head. It's pretty stiff -- I managed to turn it a quarter turn clockwise before I thought I'd better stop and...
  17. 4mydogs

    Did my '69 FJ40 come with a 1 barrel or 2?

    I've been having issues with the carb on my '69 FJ40, ordered a float and carb kit for it, but think that the parts that came are for a 2 barrel, whereas mine has a 1 barrel, which I thought was stock. What did the '69 come with?
  18. 4mydogs

    FJ40 stalls when stopping

    My '69 FJ40 - original engine and carb - stalls when braking to a stop. The carb has been apart and cleaned, and has a new float. It idles great, and drives like a champ. If you stop very gently the engine will continue to run, but anything more than a gentle stop means that once you push the...
  19. 4mydogs

    FJ40 fuel tank source

    I found tanks and sending units for my 1969 FJ40 here Gas Tanks $484 combined and here Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ60 FJ62 FJ80 Fuel Gas Tank $505 combined (before shipping) Before I order, does anyone have a better source and/or any feedback on these two? Thanks!
  20. 4mydogs

    New to FJ40s, getting a 1969

    It looks like I may be getting a '69 FJ40 soon. It's been sitting for at least a year, but ran then, just hasn't been used or even started since. I have limited wrenching experience - it's been a long time since I worked on cars beyond basic maintenance and repairs, and when I did anything...
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