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  1. jrob

    Alaska Cruiser Trek 80 Thread

    Currently Srob's 80, formerly Ginny's (JT), formerly Bossman's
  2. jrob

    Need Help on a Motor

    a guy that works for us has a 1993 4-runner. Motor blew up today it was a V6 3.0. Anyone have any insight on a good used motor. Thanks, Jrob
  3. jrob

    Dewey's FJ40...(this may also end up a "Saga")

    This is a new addition to the family. Dewayne & Jennifer Hammons bought this 1978 FJ40. To give a little history on it, he bought it from Ransom Myers. Ransom and Parker Graves were friends from the delta and after Parker passed away all the guys in there group lost interest in cruisers. Turns...
  4. jrob

    FJ40 Hunting

    Fellows yall be on the lookout for a 40 for our friends Meghan & Chad, the couple that was at Crawl. Nothing over the top, just a good deal for a good running truck. Jordan, find me Stacy's truck again!!!lol Thanks, Jrob
  5. jrob

    Stacy's 40

    Trying to figure out what all I need to do to get ready for June. Did anybody have the windshield hinges?
  6. jrob

    2f - toybox - splitcase

    I have a 2f - toybox - splitcase setup. I have bought the mounting bracket for the toybox from marlin. i am looking for some pics of how people mounted the bracket to the frame and mounted the ipor skid plate. If anyone has any pics, or tell me a link to go to, that would be very helpful...
  7. jrob

    Breaking News!!

    Breaking News!
  8. jrob

    Expedition in Moab

    For the expedition portion of this little shindig. What do I need to take/have with me, just give me some highlights
  9. jrob

    SCC 2010 Favorite Quotes

    Set up: Saturday Night 2 minutes before raffle... Jrob says: "Bodean, I'll take care of the mic if you want me too?" Euclid says: "NO,.......we wanna go home tomorrow!" The end.
  10. jrob

    AP:.....BP Caps off Oil Well

    they put a wedding ring on it and it quit putting out..:D:cheers:
  11. jrob

    The Dreaded Curse of the Weather

    Now we know who was behind bringing the bad weather to the past two trail rides........Den Mom Deb. She has been in Nashville since Thursday.....worst rain in 20 years they I do not believe it was the Roberts bringing the bad weather.
  12. jrob

    Travel Information for Roundup

    Are there any car rental places in Mason or Brady. I am coming out Wednesday, my wife is flying into either Austin or San Antonio Thursday evening. The plan is for her to get a rental and drive to Katemcy, was hoping that we could turn it in somewhere without her having to drive it back to...
  13. jrob

    Member List

    Do we have a current members list? If so, Could bod make a sticky with everyones name on it along with there handle on MUD? Just an idea.
  14. jrob

    FJ 40 Build Up

    Hello All, I (and the fellows from cottonland cruisers) have been looking for me a 40. Well we (Bodean) found one here in central MS...Great Condition. I wanted to get this thread started while I had a little time, I really can't begin building until after the first of the year. This is...
  15. jrob

    Front Axle Upgrade

    Pretty new to the forum and about to buy my first 40..'78. I do not have it as of now...should have it by mid december!:bounce::clap: I want to put disk brakes on the front (this is a non U.S. 40) and it has drums all the way around. I want to swap the front axle. I have read about fine &...
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