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  1. Jakes40


    It could have been the one I already saw. But I don’t remember a Pig. It was entertaining!
  2. Jakes40


    Yes I think it is.
  3. Jakes40

    CLCC holiday party Sat Jan 4

    I’ll be there stag this year I may bring SteveO. The wife said he’ll no after last year! Just kidding she is sorry she is missing it she had a blast last year.
  4. Jakes40


    I watched season 1 I’ll have to check out season 2.
  5. Jakes40

    Random chit chat thread

    That pick is the good side the pic of the passengers side it looks crushed more! I’ll see if I can find it. Here is the other side! Amazing they walked away!
  6. Jakes40

    Potts Mountain Jeep Trail

    2X on that. I’ve alway had good luck with just a hammer wack for TREs.
  7. Jakes40

    craigslist cruiser crap

    86 mini truck This is its good side
  8. Jakes40

    Classic "ran when I parked it.", New project

    I plowed snow with my uncle’s Cruiser with a plow. It would ware your arm out with all the shifting and the plow tasing/lowering. But it was a BLAST at 14-15 years old. it looks like she has good bones. Sell the blade or put it on a different vehicle. One with longer wheelbase.
  9. Jakes40

    Pretty quiet in here... what are you working on?

    @iptman is it loud? I put one drop PopLock on my Tundra and it has a loud thud when actuated. Looked around the inter webs and it is normal. Just a little annoying.
  10. Jakes40

    Dec 21st Trail Ride

    Your 470 will do great! I’ve seen a Volvo go throw Peters Mill.
  11. Jakes40

    FJ40 wipers 101

    Sooooo no more of this!!!
  12. Jakes40

    Random chit chat thread

    They put one of those in Haymarket. It did free up some congestion. It was kinda freaky the first couple of times I used it.
  13. Jakes40

    Classic "ran when I parked it.", New project

    You will notice now! Congratulations!
  14. Jakes40

    Let's laugh!

    :rofl: Whatever let’s you sleep at night! But we know you have seen the error of your ways and have corrected them.
  15. Jakes40

    69 fj40 Building on a buget "I wish"

    I also won a set of BFG KM3’s at the ONSC’s Relic Run last year.
  16. Jakes40

    69 fj40 Building on a buget "I wish"

    It’s been a bit sense I’ve updated my build thread. I finally got around to fixing my rusted out flywheel cover. Installed my 4.88 gears after finally breaking a corse spline pinion and added some diff protection. I also got the hydro assist hooked up and running good but do not have pics on...
  17. Jakes40

    Rubicon Trail -Sept 7th 2020

    I’m working on a plan. The September date works in my favor.
  18. Jakes40

    craigslist cruiser crap

    This is Expo! Face Plant post
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