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  1. S4Cruiser

    Random For Sale/Wanted to include CL, Ebay, etc Not mine. Good deal.
  2. S4Cruiser

    TORT: The ONSC Rant Thread

    Trash...the person that left that.
  3. S4Cruiser


    Lol...looks like my camping spot is off limits this year! Makes sense tho as I’m always in the way during pics!
  4. S4Cruiser

    Wanted ‘66 Water pump

    Straight neck vs curved.
  5. S4Cruiser

    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    Searchtempest is another decent one.
  6. S4Cruiser

    For Sale SoCal-68-73 FJ40 rear step

    There was someone looking for this just a couple days ago.
  7. S4Cruiser

    TTT -- The Tool Thread

    This got delivered today and HF it’s big compared to a normal sized wire wheel! This will get mounted to one of those monster metabo grinders that @fj40z picked up a while ago.
  8. S4Cruiser


    Link to auction / pics? Always loved me some classic Audi’s!
  9. S4Cruiser

    Wanted 1968-1973 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Rear Step (1969, 1970, 1971, 1972)

    Here is a new option - New Rear Step for Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Measure to make sure it will work with your ‘69...looks like it will tho.
  10. S4Cruiser

    Tacoma value

  11. S4Cruiser

    Tacoma value

    If craigslist is accurate then like 7kish. There was a thread I read just recently about how highly prized (err priced) these are.
  12. S4Cruiser

    Too much rust?

    Maybe if it was free!
  13. S4Cruiser

    TWT -- The Wrenching Thread

    That was quick!!
  14. S4Cruiser

    Locker for a 40

    Plus...train rides are cool!!
  15. S4Cruiser

    Locker for a 40

    Ugh. I feel your pain. I took the expensive route to not have to deal with tow truck and trailer to tow 40. Then pay $80 month to store said trailer.
  16. S4Cruiser

    For Sale FJ40-55 Early Acorn Repro Hubcaps

    Check eBay.
  17. S4Cruiser

    TTT -- The Tool Thread

    I picked up a kobalt pass through ratchet set a while back...mainly b/c it was on clearance for a couple bucs. It does come in handy and I’ve reached for it in those rare but very handy situations!
  18. S4Cruiser

    eBay Vader light sale!!! Not

    The black velvet (velour more likely) just makes the price seem so much more reasonably. Ha!
  19. S4Cruiser

    For Sale One of a kind 1976 FJ40 - LS, Atlas, Dynatrac D60, 14 Bolt, King Coilovers, 40s, Hutchinson Beadlock

    If I recall, it was priced in the upper 30s/40s. No clue if it sold or for how much. I followed the build and it was a very well done truck.
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