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    Anyone tap into DOME light for rock lights in 2017 LC?

    Looking to do a rock light setup similar to those seen in @Eric Sarjeant builds. He sent me several install photos which was very helpful!! Has anyone done this DIY w/o the help of Master Technicians at toyota... looking for the ELI5 explanation on how to do it. Eric did inform me that i would...
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    Planning my Dual Battery Setup... need some suggestions

    2017 LC... Slee Aux Battery Tray... REDARC 1225D Dual Battery Charger... and a blue sea systems fuse box... My thoughts were to put the fuse box into the cabin to make subsequent device add-ons easier to wire.. Anyone have any good ideas for location? I will be getting my TREKBOX systems...
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    2017 200 Door sill removal!

    Looking for any tips or advice in removing the "Land Cruiser" door sill that i have seen others do to route cables to the back of the truck... also any tips in getting cables through the firewall would be greatly appreciated!
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    Installing Slee Aux Battery Tray and....

    Can’t find the DRL resistor per their install instruction ... is it located somewhere else in 2017 LC?
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    Rever for long trip route planning?

    Has anyone used Rever to plan a long overland trip.. I just made profile and it looks pretty awesome..
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    Inergy APEX or Renology Lycan??

    I am looking at picking up a portable powerstation to run a fridge and charge some gear while overlanding... i landed on these two because they are having some pretty good deals on the set up right now.. In the opinion of MUD.. is the 300W /1200W output of the renology system to limiting? The...
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    Looking for good lifting slings to mount rooftop tent to a lifting hoist... any ideas?

    So my garage has about 20 ft of ceiling room, meaning a lot of volume is going un-used and I am planning to install some cross beams and possible a platform. It is also a great opportunity to engineer a hoist system to store the rooftop tent when it is not being used. I have seem some DIY builds...
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    Added some old school decals! Thoughts on placement?

    I was thinking about placing them where the new heritage edition put them but I kind of like it on the fender. Thoughts?
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    Looking for an interior rack solution!

    I cant seem to find anything but what I am looking for is a wire cage style setup that would line the back of cargo area of the LC200. The goal would be mounting/hanging things from it. Any ideas out there?
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    Looking for some 4X4 near finger lakes...

    Anyone know any decent trails to drive near Cayuga Lake? I am planning a trip out there and would like to do some driving if possible!
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    Some of Peter's Mill Run shot on Skydio R1 in 2017 Land Cruiser!

    Alright Mud... so I finally got around to cobbling together some shots from my trip to Peter's Mill Run in NoVA a month ago using the Autonomous Skydio R1 Drone (This thing is incredible). Full disclosure... when I took the trip i didnt really have a video in mind so there is no logical opening...
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    Installed Front Runner Rack / Awning and Quick Release Mounts!

    So I bit the bullet and got a real rack rather than lug that tent on the factory rack. Quick summary: 1. Front Runner install was very straight forward and easy. I did follow the guidelines for removing the bolts and i did not have any issues. There are 4 total hidden bolts at the center of the...
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    Heading to Peter Mill Run this weekend! Any takers?

    It would be cool to meet some MUD members out there! I will be testing out my Skydio R1 which is an autonomous tracking drone that can drive through woods and stuff with no user input... hopefully ill have some cool footage to share!
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    Peters Mill Run! Next week!

    Anyone interested in hitting up Peters Mill next weekend ? I have a Skydio R1 Drone that will auto follow and I want to get out on the trails. Good opportunity of getting some good footage of your rig!
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    SOLD  Northern VA: A Set of 5 OEM Rims / Tires off of a 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser $500!

    Rims are in mint condition, the spare tire was never mounted... good amount of tread left on all of the tires. Asking $500 obo
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    Just installed RW rims on the LC!!

    Just installed the RW wheels on the LC this weekend! Just an FYI.. most people probably know... but the 2017 does NOT require any modifications to the spare tire carrier for them to fit!! Really pleased with the look!
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    For Sale  5X 2017 200 Series OEM Wheels and Tires

    The tires have about 30K on them (just did the dealer service and they received excellent marks so still drivable for awhile... The rims are near mint condition, full tread on the spare. I would be willing to part with them pretty cheap ( I am planning to purchase rock warrior wheels / tires...
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    Northern VA Off Road trip this weekend!

    Any folks interested in tackling Flag Pole Knob in Ashby VA this weekend? Was thinking this would be a good trail to test out the LC on... hopefully the weather holds up!
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    Maintenance Plan 200 Series

    Anyone know a good dealer that sells the maintenance plans at a reasonable price? I know with Audi’s sometimes certain dealers would have good deals for theses plans. Or is it not worth it?
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    Just installed James Baroud Grand Raid XXL!

    James Baroud had a sale so I finally pulled the trigger. The Tent is sitting on the factory rack of a 2018 200 Series!... I can post a detailed install if people want. I did have to put some shims in to ensure the mounting bolts wouldn’t hit the roof. I would have preferred an after market...
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