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  1. Howard705

    Goose Gear 80 Series Engine Replacement

    Aftermarket HG . Toyota HG now have only small round hole- bottom pic- bottom passages at 6 or 1 -very end HG- Triangular holes at end of HG. those are the ones that would be round
  2. Howard705

    $2300 Quote from Maaco....what do you guys think?

    When I was young (decades ago) got a VW beetle done at Maaco. Stripped-pulled glass- did (basic) bodywork. Was dirt cheap and turned out beautifully- lasted for 20 years. Changed now I'm sure however on other threads on here about Maaco- it is stated that each shop is different and to get some...
  3. Howard705

    Front Seat Temp Fix?

    Yes I did it but don't recall details-(gears bad)- something along a disassembly of the mounts- maybe spin adjusters to full back and bolt back to floor. Look up repair and somewhat follow how to reassemble synched up so adjusters are at the same position.
  4. Howard705

    Ziebart/ZTech Undercoating Advice

    Have a 40 I bought around '96 as a driver. Had plenty of rust but had a nice-ish resto done years earlier and drive nice. Had this stuff (not sure what company did it) The undercoating got harder and as it peeled off was the worst rust imaginable formed under it steel completely gone in most...
  5. Howard705

    tompkins or tekonsha harness with redarc tow pro trailer brake for LX450?

    I believe there are different kinds of breakaway batteries and if you rarely use the trailer and you have a lead acid battery you're probably better off to pull it out and put it on a tinder until you need it because it likely will be very low at the beginning of your trip and maybe not fully...
  6. Howard705

    Tutorial: removing the viscous coupler (photos)

    See the pics on the previous page for good visuals.
  7. Howard705

    HELP! What are my options?!?!?

    Have a good mechanic at an independent shop 100% check the cooling system- Pressure test is my preferred method. *IF* all ok without any coolant leaking *ANYWHERE*- coolant-oil/Coolant-external engine /coolant-combustion chamber, then have them 100% check radiator, fan etc etc.
  8. Howard705

    Carburator screws

    I leave them in. Almost Never a reason to remove them on normal RB. On most carbs playing with fire taking them out . High risk of damaging things that only need to be cleaned.
  9. Howard705

    New to forum - 97 FZJ80 in MN

    There is a several year old thread on here with a recent update by a guy out east- paid to have a industrial sandblasting company just go over the entire under carriage/frame/axles/suspension- EVERYTHING -and spray it with some kind of industrial paint. His update was showing how it held up...
  10. Howard705

    Blown Head gasket Warped Cylinder Head Custom Solution

    Years ago a machine shop here had me do a 240Z (260?) head this way. WAs told to use the spray copper sealer.. I believe that they heated it up in an oven bolted to a plate to get it "bent back" within spec then milled quite a bit off. Their main concern was with the cam timing changing bringing...
  11. Howard705

    Brake Pedal Fade from Overheating??

    Yes boiling fluid is compressible but how can outgassing pads cause a low pedal- ?
  12. Howard705

    Brake Pedal Fade from Overheating??

    Then why would he get a low pedal?
  13. Howard705

    Annoying Rattle 1996 FZJ80

    Isn't the video of it in park just being throttled up?! I can't hear Pinging/detonation. Even if a noise was heard the only time i think Ive ever heard Actual pinging under no load in neutral was if an engine had ZERO coolant in it and run up to about 400f degrees or if someone wound a...
  14. Howard705

    Protecting spare tire

    ALL TIRES LEAK. Some more quickly than others. CHECK IT every few months. Leaving it flat for 5 years of course it will fall off rim- collect crap- rust - etc. California doesn't have elements. The Rust Belt has elements. 10 years it will dry rot etc. All tires do.
  15. Howard705

    227 Degrees, 7 Minutes From Start w /Heater Blasting

    I've maxed these to 30 on hundreds of vehicles- no patience to find the leaks. Works fine- engine cold not running anyway. Anything seeping was a leak anyway. This is my preferred way to find a HG leak. Will need to repair all external leaks though first- like that rad. HG- pull plugs-pump up...
  16. Howard705

    1FZ-FE Rebuild w /Aftermarket Parts?

    If you look at the HG pictured at the back of #6 cyl water jacket (between the rear head bolts it has 2 triangular holes instead of Toyota's newer "improved" gasket which has 2 very small round holes. This is why I would use at least an OEM HG. Rings thread Please post: Thoughts on aftermarket...
  17. Howard705

    1FZ-FE Rebuild w /Aftermarket Parts?

    There are a few threads on here. Especially if your bores and crank are still within spec (measured) NPR appears to be oem rings and there are several good bearing options. At a minimum I'd use an OEM HG if using aftermarket gasket set. I'm sure any of the aftermarket longblocks use DNJ, etc...
  18. Howard705

    Replacing cracked Transfer Case plate. Any advice appreciated

    Great to have on the road in slick conditions and snow however I removed mine and barely notice unless Really trying to make it spin. If sticking will cause serious binding then wear on the drivetrain Especially the front birfs.
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