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  1. turbodog56

    Wanted 75-76 FJ40 Exhaust Manifold

    Interested in the manifolds if not sold yet. Please pm with price.
  2. turbodog56

    craigslist toyota land cruiser parts lot clean out - (Royalton VT)

    Have a 15” steel wheel with clips available?
  3. turbodog56

    Wanted 1975-1980 air cleaner assembly

  4. turbodog56

    Wanted Rubber bumper on Tire Carrier

    I need both bumpers for tire carrier. No rush. PM with details plz.
  5. turbodog56

    Wanted 1975-1980 air cleaner assembly

    Looking for an air cleaner assembly for 1975 FJ40. 1976-1980 will also work. Thanks in advance!
  6. turbodog56

    Paragoud Arkansas miscellaneous parts summer knows some are not

    Air cleaner assembly sell? Next plz
  7. turbodog56

    Cygnus white?

    What color is your FJ40? Year? Trying to track down my paint color. 1975 White FJ40…
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