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    LX instrument lights

    I ordered the same ETOPARS bulbs from Amazon as albylam: To identify the polarity of the LEDs I used a camera battery and marked the positive side of the bulbs: The next photos shows which side is positive and which...
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    ABS Dash Light is On

    Do you have Techstream running? Last time I had an ABS light, I plugged in Techstream and it indicated code for a wheel sensor.
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    land cruiser vx100 4.7 I need to know fuelin consumption and your experience

    I get just under 20l/100km with about 70% highway driving. Stock with no roof rack.
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    100’s without roof racks

    Naked for now - I have a Prinsu on order.
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    Steering tilt and telescoping suddenly not working after dead battery I had the same issue after about a month after I disabled the auto telescope in techstream. You can reset it by moving the lever 10 times in 5 seconds then once it moves you should be able to travel stop to stop.
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    Sunroof Issue

    If you think it is the tracks you can try Shin-Etsu Silicone grease. Developed by/for Honda for window tracks (Honda part 08798-9013). It works really well. I have put it on ALL my hoses, rubber, and plastic parts. I rub it on so that you can see it, let is sit for a day, then rub it off...
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    WDYD What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Replaced the original alternator as a PM (no current issues - 98 LX, 280k km). Replaced with the larger 100A Denso reman unit (210-0565). Struggled to remove (playing tetris for 45 minutes) before giving up and removing the lower rad hose - out in 30 seconds after that. Brushes had over 1/4...
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    WDYD What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    When changing diff fluids last month, noticed there was pressure when I opened the fill plug. Breathers were totally frozen solid. So yesterday I relocated all vents to the engine bay (followed one of the how to's).
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    WDYD What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Installed new 555 upper and lower ball joints (275k km). Lower was really loose and had 1-2mm vertical play. Top was fine, but as it was all apart anyway... New front sway bar bushings - twice (I didn't check the part numbers and grabbed the the rear ones :banghead:). Really easy the second...
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    Steering Wheel Tilt Feature does not return steering to previous position

    You can disable it in Techstream. Did it to mine a few months ago to reduce the wear on the motors as they were groaning a lot. I think it was under utility on the Tilt&TelescopicLive tab.
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    Need Help - PCV grommet pieces feel in valve cover and cannot see them.

    The two areas are separated, so you won't be able to pull out pieces from the oil fill tube (I had the same issue last weekend). You can duct tape a small hose to the end of your shop vac and it may provide enough suction to pull up the pieces.
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    Do any Canadian Mudders have experience with

    If you're looking for 555 ball joints in Canada, I ordered some on line from Price was better than Napa (including shipping).
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    The ABCs of AHC - How to Measure, Flush, and Adjust all in one place

    Would it be normal to have to only re-index one torsion bar? My 98 LX had the left side about an inch lower than the right, so I finally got around to fix this after much reading on how to do this correctly. Truck has 270k km on it, PO did minimal service at the local Lexus dealer (regular...
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    Front Bearing Replacement

    Tight yes - you need to keep it square. No problem setting my pre-load which required 45 ft-lbs.
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    Front Bearing Replacement

    LOCK NUT SOCKET Found an inexpensive socket on Amazon that got the job done. Crown Automotive part number A692N.
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    Hood lift strut - who makes a good replacement

    I went with Monroe 901658 from RockAuto. Installed 18 months ago and still holding strong. Under 20 bucks each.
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