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  1. CUtiger06

    Wanted 2001 LC100 Center Caps. South Carolina

    I’m needing two but will take four stock center caps for the 16” wheel.
  2. CUtiger06

    SOLD 1977 FJ55

  3. CUtiger06

    SOLD 1977 FJ55

  4. CUtiger06

    SOLD 1977 FJ55

  5. CUtiger06

    SOLD 1977 FJ55

  6. CUtiger06

    SOLD 1977 FJ55

    Bought this rig off here about a year ago. The truck has been great. I drove it a good bit for a month or so before taking it to leave at our cabin in western NC. We don’t make it up to the cabin as much as we would have hoped so I’m putting the truck up for sale. For Sale - 1977 Land Cruiser...
  7. CUtiger06

    For Sale 1977 Land Cruiser FJ55 Florence SC

    New owner here
  8. CUtiger06

    New members New members!

    Hello guys/gals. New member in Anderson. I’ve had a 100 for 6 years or so and most recently a 55. I hope to make it out with the group in the near future.
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