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    FJ60 1986 question re carb and EFI

    sent mine to Jim C at TLC performance, did a wonderful job.
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    Antenna replacement help ???

    I purchased a new oem from vintage teq parts, easy install
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    1981 60 Smog Pump

    I just desmogged my 60 and have everything except the air rail and injectors, I have been meaning to list them for sale but have not gotten around to doing it yet. if anyone is interested PM me and ill send some pictures of what I have.
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    SOLD 2F Air Injector rail 4 injectors

    Used air injector rail and 4 injectors $40 shipped continental US
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    For Sale Oil cooler hose kit 81-87 Fj60 Fj40

    New hose kit 4 hoses for oil cooler, $30 shipped continental US
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    For Sale Aidan Fan Clutch 77-90 Fj40 Fj60 Fj62

    New in box Aisin fan clutch 16210-61121 $90 shipped continental Us
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    For Sale 100 series Bump Stops

    100 series rear spring bump stop off a 2001 model $35 shipped continental US only, removed several years ago when airbags installed, cleaning out shop and offering them up here in case anyone can use them
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    Need mechanic in East Arkansas or Memphis area

    Need to find a Landcruiser mechanic with Landcruiser experience. I have a 60 I am redoing and two 100s need routine maintenance as well as some suspension and drive train work. If you know of anyone please let me know
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    Drive shaft stuck, what can I do

    I just renewed mine for my appreciation to the site and all who had helped.
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    Drive shaft stuck, what can I do

    went down to his shop this weekend while it was sitting outside, jumped up and down on bumper until grease started coming out hole where zerk was removed then got under and kept working back and forth working grease out until got it removed. do I guess it was locked from to much compressed...
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    Drive shaft stuck, what can I do

    Yes only separates about 1/4 inch between the flange and can not pry it down
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    Drive shaft stuck, what can I do

    Zerk pulled, shaft will not come down, can rotate it 45 degrees left and right
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    Drive shaft stuck, what can I do

    Bolts and studs are removed on both ends and it will not budge. Supposed to remove the zerk tomorrow if that doesn’t work only thing I can figure is splines are bent. Can they be fixed if that is the case or will I have to source a new shaft?
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    Drive shaft stuck, what can I do

    Took my 1983 FJ60 to have the transfer case seals replaced. Front was no problem. Mechanic said he worked all day on rear drive shaft and can not remove it from vehicle. How can it be removed? will it have to be cut off and if so any idea where I can find another one or will I have to have a...
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    Anyone replaced bearings in an ARB bumper?

    I ordered gas struts for mine through SLEE Offroad in 2019 I ordered replacement struts from SLEE Offroad in 2019
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    Seat bottom foam

    Saw ads online for theseatshop. I do t know anything about them and they don’t currently make them for the 60 but I filled out their product suggestion form and thought maybe if others were interested and filled out the form maybe they would consider producing some.
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    Why is my 100 wearing out cv axles?

    Thanks, I will check the torsion bar setting. Axles we’re new Toyota oem not rebuilt.
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    Why is my 100 wearing out cv axles?

    Can’t get video where it can be heard. They did not change out the drive flange.
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    Why is my 100 wearing out cv axles?

    Making clunking noise or clicking when starting in motion or turning
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    Why is my 100 wearing out cv axles?

    What can I do to fix it? Bought cruiser with 155,000 miles replaced both cv axle joints with new Toyota and installed Slee diff drop kit. 30,000 miles later and I already had to replace the right one and now the left one is going out. Any ideas on what I can check or do to keep them from wearing...
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