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  1. hedgehog23

    Need wheel well measurements

    no problem @KStoNCFJ thanks what the "like" button is for ;)
  2. hedgehog23

    Is it possible to do a $0 2F--3B swap in a 40? Follow along and see!

    great build thread, im glad i found it! will you be top coating your frame with black or leaving it galvanized ? and whom did you use to dip the frame, im not too far from you
  3. hedgehog23

    Need wheel well measurements

    your going to like this thread quick measurement
  4. hedgehog23

    Caswell Black Oxide coating -EASY!!

    black oxide rusts pretty quickly . they look great now but a bit of time outside and they will be brown :(
  5. hedgehog23

    Seems a bit shady....

    nice bunch of grapes
  6. hedgehog23

    Help Needed With 1/2 Tub

    don't forget to document the progress with some pictures for all of us ;)
  7. hedgehog23

    72 FJ40 - Pierre

    great score, that fj is in amazing shape for its age
  8. hedgehog23

    Sluggish crank/no start/runs fine when jumped *FIXED*

    perhaps a bad ground/loose connection causing the lack of charge?
  9. hedgehog23

    Gas tank removal and cleaning / FJ40

    i fill gas tanks with chain , nuts, bolts , and drywall screws. then some diesel and put them on a rotisserie. rinse and repeat as necessary. brings the inside of the tank back to bare steel.
  10. hedgehog23

    1982 Fj40 New Water Pump not working??

    my bet lies with the thermostat
  11. hedgehog23

    1982 Fj40 New Water Pump not working??

    if you want to know if your pump is moving coolant , you could pull the rad hose off and crank the engine. if you drained and saved the coolant and refilled with water first , you wouldnt have to worry about the mess.
  12. hedgehog23

    Builds Love at first sight FJ40

    great build thread! I know how it is working on Canadian fj's Do your self a favor and head over to Canadian tire and get a mig welding cart when they are on sale for 60$ you will thank me
  13. hedgehog23

    Shop/Garage lighting

    4" Costco led "fluorescent" lights. very efficient instant on cool running lasts forever
  14. hedgehog23

    ID this tool

    leather carving/grooving tool
  15. hedgehog23

    Builds Project 'Fresh Start' RestoMod

    no expense spared kinda build
  16. hedgehog23

    My impulse FJ40 purchase

    the moab trip pictures are great. I think your going to enjoy that turbo setup. no sense in 5 speeds if you cant use them ;)
  17. hedgehog23

    Builds 1966 FJ40 Frame-Off Build (3rd Generation Owner)

    just love the color . reminds me of a 1st gen tacoma i owned once apon a time
  18. hedgehog23

    A "I Shouldn't Have" Resto of a 73 FJ

    north eastern rust belt working overtime
  19. hedgehog23

    Tools for Resto

    a grinder with cut off disks , flap disks , and grinding disks
  20. hedgehog23

    For Sale bj42 clutch slave cylinder

    sold? sold?
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