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  1. gotmud

    time to clean up the wires, wheres a good place to buy?

    It may not be a boat, but you'll find marine grade wiring easier to solder, has more strands, is more pliable than standard primary wire, plus it won't corrode when exposed to moisture, which can lead to a substantial voltage loss across a circuit. That voltage drop increases the load on the...
  2. gotmud

    time to clean up the wires, wheres a good place to buy?

    My $.02 - consult a wire gauge chart (, use marine grade wiring, solder the connections, shrink wrap, breathe easy knowing Detour Dan won't be talking about your vehicle being the one that's on fire along side the freeway.
  3. gotmud

    Selling my 1996 Land Cruiser Killer deal for only you guys to see

    Just out of curiosity, if you can't afford 13MPG, how can you afford a car payment? Regardless of what you buy, it will likely still take some amount of fuel to operate. I say sell the 80 and use the profits to buy something outright until you can save up for what you want. Making payments on...
  4. gotmud

    Side cover gasket replaced

    $350 would be a fair charge if it was done right. BTW, if you can't find MEK (DO NOT buy the substitute) 10 parts diesel and one part tranny fluid works great to degrease an engine. A pressure washer is your friend here too.
  5. gotmud

    Original Selling Dealership

    Hapliters, Here is all the info on your rig looking from Mr T's perspective: 18186 *******VEHICLE INQUIRY REPORT DATE: 08/09/12 DCV920 TIME: 09:43 NO INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE FOR THIS VEHICLE...
  6. gotmud

    Need stock air box

    At $916 list, you might want to look around for a used unit.
  7. gotmud

    Mesa to Tucson?

    I can get it to Marana this Sunday, or Eloy on Friday.
  8. gotmud

    CSC meet elsewhere

    I'm out. I don't think the :princess: would let me wear the bedsheets:frown:
  9. gotmud

    A dead horse...

    A 1FZ will certainly help you avoid getting over the 400-500 HP range!
  10. gotmud

    Water pump stud sealant?

    Perma-Lok makes a great product called MM115. It is a sealer and mild thread locker. I've used it for many years - seals great and is always easy to remove.
  11. gotmud

    OEM O2 Sensors

    August bump
  12. gotmud

    Radiator Blows Its Top!

    If your belts were busted before everything happened your dash would have been lit up like a Christmas tree.
  13. gotmud

    FJ60 in salvage yard

    Hows the DS sheet metal?
  14. gotmud

    radiator instalation

    If you can't get it with FJ60Cam's method, you can remove the condenser bolts and center support out of the way enough to get access to the bolts.
  15. gotmud

    Stuck front caliper question

    I would try blowing the pistons out of the caliper with compressed air and checking for corrosion. Now is a good time to inspect and/or replace the seals anyways since you are doing a brake service. I assume you are resurfacing the rotors as well? Brake fluid absorbs moisture. So while the...
  16. gotmud

    a/c circuit breaker tripping on 85 FJ60

    X2 on your clutch being a culprit. Or at least the wiring going to your clutch.
  17. gotmud

    Oil sending unit

    Check your ground points. Recently I had to run a wire from the battery to the block on a customer's 60 because of the corrosion on the OEM grounding wires.
  18. gotmud

    Uh oh

    Smokey, where are you located? If you're local to me just bring it by and I'd be happy to look over it for you.
  19. gotmud

    Part numbers for wiper bushings?

    You have a PM.
  20. gotmud

    best way to temporarily fix oil pan hole?

    X2 on a new pan. For less than $200 I can get you a brand new pan, gasket & plug. The cost of farting around with your old one isn't worth it in my opinion. Do it one more time and be done with it for many miles to come.
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