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    That's pretty neat, but it seems like bolting the rear gearboxes to the flange that holds the brake backing plate is a little weak.
  2. mct75

    What to do to facilitate restart after a long storage period?

    Pull the EFI relay so you don't clog the cats with unburnt gasoline
  3. mct75

    have 3FE. The cold start injector no voltage

    It should be continuity while cold. The CSI is energized by the starter solenoid and grounded by the timer switch if then engine is cold. If the engine is hot the switch will be open, so no current flows though the injector
  4. mct75

    have 3FE. The cold start injector no voltage

    Cold start injector timer switch working?
  5. mct75

    SOLD 1990 Toyota Land Cruise LJ77: Manual Transmission, Old Man Emu lift, ARB front Bumper, Warn Winch

    What is a "thermal wax kit"? Is that like a thermostat?
  6. mct75

    SOLVED (I are dum): Dip stick low but oil almost up to the fill cap?

    Something is very wrong with that
  7. mct75

    SOLD 1986 BJ75

    ... I know it's sold but what's the story on this truck? It looks like one of those Canadian mine trucks but has a bunch of VA phone numbers listen on the glovebox? Fascinating!
  8. mct75

    SOLD 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser Turbo Diesel LHD

    With 4.88's I'm sure it's wound out by then!
  9. mct75

    SOLD 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser Turbo Diesel LHD

    I presume this is located in alabammer?
  10. mct75

    BaT Not Mine: PZJ70 Pickup with 1HZ-T Swap

    Why does the steering stabilizer have a spring on it? That makes my head hurt.
  11. mct75

    Gear oil pouring out of spindle hub?

    Axle seal all the way. Check your axles for wear ridges and think about sleeving them if you have a line.
  12. mct75

    Dim Door Ajar Light

    Yeah, typically this is grounds on the door switches but it sounds like you check that already. Measure those potentials to ground!
  13. mct75

    Does anyone know what these connections are called 1991 fj80

    Fyi, the truck runs perfectly fine with all of them removed. Just reference the FPR to manifold vacuum.
  14. mct75

    Correct alternator for a 1992 3fe

    Yeah, the 90 amp was part of a "cold weather" package that also included a different motor mount. It can be ground to fit, I did this mod but the 90 amp alternator I had failed a few months later and I went back to the 80 amp one.
  15. mct75

    Thermocure: Snake Oil or Good Way to Flush?

    Unless you're trying to fix some problem, I'd just drain it and refill it.
  16. mct75

    which 80 models have part time 4WD?

    It depends on the market they were made for, I believe some Australian 80's came with the HF1A part time case from the factory. All USDM 80's were full time 4WD with the HF2A and HF2AV (for viscous coupler in 93 and newer).
  17. mct75

    1991 3F-E De-Smog Performed

    Mine is now plugged completely (in theory with pressure/vacuum in the gas tank but haven't noticed anything so likely the gas cap has a leak) and no ill effects with regard to smells or performance. The "Canada" spec 22R emissions system had the tank venting to the carburetor intake so it's...
  18. mct75

    SOLD 1977 mustard FJ40 with M416 trailer, Minnesota

    Man, that dude knows how to type up an ad. Better than the monkeys-on-keyboards we have here.
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