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  1. homebuiltcruiser

    For Sale 40 Series Soft Top [Northern California]

    Soft top Still for sale?
  2. homebuiltcruiser

    For Sale 3FE Top End Parts (complete package)

    I parted out an '88 FJ62 with the intent on building a 2FE and ultimately decided not to do it because of cost and time. So I now have on multiple shelves in my garage pretty much everything you would need. Head Intake Engine Wiring Harness Dash Wiring Harness ECU Intake Plenum...
  3. homebuiltcruiser

    Wanted FJ60 vacuum advance

    not on my current budget they don't...hoping for a used working one for now
  4. homebuiltcruiser

    Wanted FJ60 vacuum advance

    I'm looking for a vacuum advance unit for a big cap distributor...
  5. homebuiltcruiser

    FJ60 Distributor Swap into '78 2F

    Is the timing process the same as with the stock distributor? i.e. test light on the coil after setting the engine to 7 degrees before tdc? It seems like this is such a simple process...but maybe it just seems so after all the work i've already done!
  6. homebuiltcruiser

    FJ60 Distributor Swap into '78 2F

    My '78 fj40 was built in late '77 and had a vacuum advance distributor with points. A couple of years ago I put a Mel's ignition upgrade in it and it worked great. Since then I rebuilt the engine and during the 2 years it was down lent the distributor to a friend to work on his truck and...
  7. homebuiltcruiser

    Struggling with SM465 Clutch choice....

    I am picking up an 11" clutch disc for a '77 Chevrolet C20 Pickup. I'm planning on using the toyota 2F Flywheel / pressure plate / throwout bearing / and clutch fork. One problem that I"m running into now is that the throughout bearing has a larger inner diameter than the sleeve it rides on on...
  8. homebuiltcruiser

    Struggling with SM465 Clutch choice....

    Going to a 2F, should have mentioned that. I measured the toyota flywheel and was worried that the 11" would be slightly too large. Is there a specific year truck or part number that you know of? Most of the part store people around here aren't intellectually capable of finding a part without...
  9. homebuiltcruiser

    Struggling with SM465 Clutch choice....

    I'm currently working on mating an sm465 out of a late 60's (I think) chevy truck...I've been searching all over mud and have looked at all of the Tech links and I can't find the answer to what clutch disc I need. I've heard both the Toyota 4-speed clutch disc and chevy 10.5 and 11" as options...
  10. homebuiltcruiser

    [NJ] FJ62 3F Head+ a lot of extras (2fe converstion)

    I have an FJ62 head off an '88 landcruiser. I parted out a complete running truck. The head was dipped and cleaned in preparation for rebuild, but I ended up abandoning the project due to cost and decided to rebuild my stock 2F head. Therefore what I was left with is everything needed to do put...
  11. homebuiltcruiser

    For Sale NJ : FJ62 Steering and Axle Parts

    bump to top
  12. homebuiltcruiser

    For Sale NJ : FJ62 Steering and Axle Parts

    FJ 62 Land Cruiser Steering All parts must be picked up.
  13. homebuiltcruiser

    fj62 Rears

    '88 FJ62 rears. 4:11 gears No Rims/Tires Sprung over...can be sprung under (leaf mounts not removed) NO cut turn. Trail Gear Hi-Steer Passenger birfield needs replacement $300 b/o must be picked up from 07753
  14. homebuiltcruiser

    FREE 2F complete block (OR)

    What year is the block?
  15. homebuiltcruiser

    How much for a 1F bellhousing?

    When I said 1F I assumed stock drivetrain so 3spd tranny, I have an sm465 sitting in my garage ready to go along with the tcase adapter and everything all I'm missing is the bellhousing. I have a week off coming up so I was hoping to locate one and get this truck running for the summer....If not...
  16. homebuiltcruiser

    How much for a 1F bellhousing?

    Exactly what the title says...I finally found one close enough to ship to NJ, but $90 + shipping seems pricey???
  17. homebuiltcruiser

    OIl Pan Has Become My Radiator

    I would check all the freeze plugs, drain all fluids, and refill and see where you're at. You might escape unscathed...
  18. homebuiltcruiser

    Bedliner instead of paint?

    I did the outside of my 40 with tan durabak in the smooth version and the interior in the grey rough version. It came out pretty good, going on 2 years and still looks good. Not a show quality finish, but has held up great against branches. I've also had to do some repair spots which was...
  19. homebuiltcruiser

    1988 fj62 parts

    bump....need to sell...rears/trans/tcase/high steer....
  20. homebuiltcruiser

    Wanted F (3sp) Bellhousing - NJ AREA

    I'm looking for an F bellhousing to do an sm465 swap, preferably in the nj/long island area or cheap enough to ship to 07753.
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