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    Vibration noise when accelerating

    Mine's a '99 with a 2" lift and Slee diff-drop installed, 285x75R tires for 10+ years now, she just rolled over the 200K miles mark last month. Started making a vibration-like noise, something between a rattle and grind, but only when accelerating moderately in the 18-22 mph range when taking...
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    Filter Help

    1. Oil: Amsoil EA15K51 2. Cabin: TYC 800099P2 (from Amazon, $17.89 for the 2-pk) 3. Air: either Wix 42476 (from Amsoil), or MANN MA1054 (from Amazon) 4. No
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    What are the(hidden) sympthoms of a worn steering rack ?

    I presume the lower ball joints have been checked and/or replaced (lower control arms) when you say "...just about everything else in the frontend"?
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    Medium or Heavy Duty 2" OME

    I also moved up from the OME 865 medium to the 866 heavy coils a few years back. I don't have aftermarket bumpers, but do load-up a lot of camping gear which is why I made the switch. With the OME shocks (about six years old now) my '99 rides fine, but I do like a firmer ride. I also have the...
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    Trim Painting

    Yes - I recall not needing more than one can of paint and one can of clearcoat. I did purchase more at the time as I still need to to my bumper's turning nice so maybe I should knock that out in the next couple of weeks :hhmm: It's holding up well, looks just like when I...
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    Moved to Chandler AZ area recently - need a good LC shop

    X3 for Murf (Eric Murphy) @CamelBack Toyota. I've needed stuff done in the past when I couldn't do on my own - have had both a nearby small garage do work and one of the Scottsdale Toyota dealerships rob me blind. Never again. Eric's honest and will tell you what actually needs to be done vs...
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    First brake pedal stroke

    I concur with bluecruiser - I had this symptom on my '99 for a number of years. When needing to brake, I'd kind of pump the brake once, then the second stroke would feel normal. Then from a full down-pedal position, use the left foot to help the pedal return back to the normal up position...
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    Fan Bracket Question / Timing Belt

    Fan Bracket... yeah, I started getting a loud noise about four weeks ago - sounded like Sebulba's pod racer on Star Wars. Had one of the more reputable Toyota Dealerships here in the Phoenix valley replace it - it was a $250-ish bucks P&L I seem to recall. So mine went out at approx. 159K...
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    DIY: Replacing heater hose pipe T's *important*

    I saw this thread a couple of months ago and purchased the OEM t-fittings and six little heater hoses that directly connect to them online. Long story short, with the holidays and hunting weekends I never got around to crawling back there an changing them all out (looked like a PITA anyway)...
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    Help is this a Transmission leak? - 2000LX

    Did you ever figure this out? I just saw transmission fluid on the garage floor the day before Christmas. Pulled the plastic skid plate and see a similar sight on my '99 - fluid level is fine (hot and idling) and it only starts to drip lightly about 20-30 minutes after I shut the engine off -...
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    Radflo's & OME 866's

    I'm also running the OME 866's in the rear with OME shocks, as well. I wasn't necessarily bottoming-out that I could tell with all of my hunting and camping gear loaded up, but I didn't like the sag on the rear of the vehicle and how it affected the handling. I installed a set of Air Lift...
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    another oil thred...

    I believe Amsoil has a few different filter lines, do you know which one specifically it was? I've been using their 15K filter (EA15K-51) on my '99 and change the oil every 6K miles or so. The specs on these look pretty good, and I don't push any big mileage limits on it, either.
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    rack bushing oem part#s

    Any pictures of what you're replacing to post? Is there a specific problem/symptom you're trying to address, or ? I ask because I'm wondering if this would help take the play out of my steering, or if I just need to tighten something. Thanks!
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    Shock Absorber recommendation

    GottageTone - which of the two Ironman shocks do you have, the Nitro or Foam Cell? From your signature it looks like you have their aftermarket suspension, too. I have the OME suspension with about a 2" lift and am wondering how the Ironmans perform on-road and off. Can you comment? Thanks!
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    Air Lift 1000 Install

    I installed a set of these (Air Lift bags) over the weekend - about a 2-3 hour job overall including teardown and putting everything back on (tires, spare, etc.). I'm running OME Heavy Duty 866 springs in the rear - they are approximately: 5 1/2” inside diameter 9 1/4” top to bottom inside...
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    T Fitting on Heater Hose

    Change out the heater hoses, too? How many of you have replaced the hoses while replacing the T's? Those who did, did you lose much coolant? Any coolant that leaks out (if it's much) how are you properly supposed to dispose of it?
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    T Fitting on Heater Hose

    I've got the diagram for the "Heating & Air Conditioning - Water Piping" printed out with all of the parts numbers including the hoses for both the driver and passenger side. I'll certainly be replacing the T's - are most of you ALSO replacing the hoses? And are you doing both sides or just...
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    Scion/Pioneer 1808 Head Unit (stereo)

    RobRed, thanks for the link to your website - I have been there before and you have done a great job with your write-ups! At this point I'm "ok" with the stock head unit in the LC, but reading that article peaked my interest in that it could be pretty simple to just remove and replace. I...
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    100 series cruiser

    If yours is like my '99, I have to press and hold that button for a few seconds then release. Don't know if that's by design or just a worn button :confused:
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    Scion/Pioneer 1808 Head Unit (stereo)

    I've search and found some unanswered older (closed) threads about using Scion head units in the 100 Series. In the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of 4WD Owners magazine they did a write-up of replacing the original unit of a Series 80 with the Scion 1808 head unit which was plug-and-play and includes the...
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