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  1. rchalmers3

    2000 4Runner with codes P0170 and P1130

    Hi guys, I'm hoping you can help me out. My post is a bit long, I'll put in as much as I can the first time so you guys don't have to ask as many basic questions.... or so I hope! The vehicle is a 12/1999 4 cylinder Cal Spec 4Runner (RZN180L-GKPSKA) with an air flow sensor ahead of the...
  2. rchalmers3

    Your comments re: Diesel Engine Import from Central America

    Holy thread resurrection, batman!!! I'm still down here in the jungle, working on BJ40's, HJ60's, KZN 4Runners and PZ70's. Not a day passes without thinking about the opportunities that present themselves for supplying the US market with long stroke, normally aspirated, Toyota diesel engines...
  3. rchalmers3

    lowering my height

    As I see it your options are to: a) reduce the shackle length b) experiment with removing springs from the packs. Shortening the shackles is quick and cheap. Removing springs is also cheap but a little time consuming. Send us clear pics of your spring packs and we can advise you on how to...
  4. rchalmers3

    Unusual symptoms: Aisan power valve???

    I'm working on an '83 2F fitted with a non-US Aisan carburetor. It has a very strange issue I'd like to discuss. On start up and during warm up it runs fine. After it's warmed up, and if I rev the engine hard a few times it begins to issue black smoke and the idle quality deteriorates. The...
  5. rchalmers3

    our favorite site has no more images?

    Twas I who changed the title after learning the error of my ways. Thanks to essar5 and everyone who understood the situation before I did. Mods please delete this thread. Rick
  6. rchalmers3

    our favorite site has no more images?

    Has anyone visited the above referenced website recently? There are no "exploded view" images alongside with the parts listings. I'm wondering if it's my computer and/or web browser or if the good days of finding esoteric parts are officially over??? Rick
  7. rchalmers3

    Mixed up plugs? 4WD light and AT Temp light

    They share the same power but they switch ground via a switch or sensor to complete the lamp circuit. I recommend you disconnect both switches at the transfer and transmission to see if it's a switch or wiring (grounded) problem. Let us know what you find, Rick
  8. rchalmers3

    Minor leak around new water pump when hot.

    Every now and then a newly manufactured water pump does not seal, allowing a leak while the shaft is rotating. My recommendation: Do whatever you have to do to gain visual access to the underside of the pump. I usually can make visual contact using a step stool, creeper, flashlight and a small...
  9. rchalmers3

    Fabricate "high roof"?

    Mark, I replied to your first email: "Got em, thanks!" And to the second: "I can work with those issues, you described them accurately" Both replies were sent within minutes of being received. If you mean by "commenting on the pictures"you mean that you did not receive my acceptance to your...
  10. rchalmers3

    Fabricate "high roof"?

    Not so fast there sunny boy! Rick
  11. rchalmers3

    Full Floater vs. Semi-Floater Axles

    I'll accept whatever axle comes in the truck. But I do like the way a FF is assembled. It makes more sense to me. The thing about the FF design that causes failure for most owners is the rear wheel bearing pre-load. If the bearings are allowed to run loose, the stresses on the drive axle...
  12. rchalmers3

    Help!! Part needed! Any ideas?

    You broke it changing cylinders? Dude, you're gnarly. SOR or pick a part. Rick
  13. rchalmers3

    hi lift jack question

    Save your money, Franklin, the stock jack works well and is safer than lifting your vehicle by the bumper. You do have the stock jack and tools I assume? Rick
  14. rchalmers3

    Requesting FSM of power antenna wiring

    This should work, according to the information I read about the switch testing in the FSM:
  15. rchalmers3

    Requesting FSM of power antenna wiring

    Cheers Beast I was on today and saw exactly the dash switch you mention. Then I downloaded an online manual (cheers roscoFJ73) and found the center console switch is a three pin switch that directs a power signal to command the antenna up and down. I ordered the switch today...
  16. rchalmers3

    Requesting FSM of power antenna wiring

    I am attempting to install a factory antenna in a LJ95L Prado fitted with an aftermarket radio, however I was not able to complete the installation due to missing information about the factory antenna wiring. The install required me to assemble a relay circuit to power the antenna up and down...
  17. rchalmers3

    How to get coolant out of oil & engine

    In addition to the recommended procedure to drain and refill the crank case and filter a few times, I recommend driving the vehicle for at least 30 minutes to an hour at a time. The PCV system, if it is working correctly, will suck the water vapor in the crank case and add it to the combustion...
  18. rchalmers3

    3b engine swap or body swap

    What he said. Make one car out of two using the best, least rusty parts. The wiring harness from the gasser is not too hard to retain and adapt to use on the diesel, again if the gasser harness is in better shape. Rick
  19. rchalmers3

    Wiper Bushings

    Do a you guys think a small heim joint would be up to the task? Perhaps heim joints are not built for constant rotational applications, I don't know. If they are suitable, I think they would imitate the plastic joints wonderfully. Regarding sources, I have no problem fitting a used assembly...
  20. rchalmers3

    Greetings from San Diego (Newbie)

    Hi TallCanDan from a native from 92107! I have the OME heavies with no other shims or other mods and while the shackles are straight like yours, my truck has not puked the front drive shaft splines. However the U-joints in the rear shaft have a very short life span. I am changing them a little...
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