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  1. Stevesnj

    It's Time for a Change

    I haven't wheeled in a while but Vince's rig always stood out. My 80 has been out of commision for a few years and wish i could afford this rig. Supercharged 1fz's are a rarity and this would be a dream truck to have. Good thoughts and respect to you Vince for the few times we wheeled and met...
  2. Stevesnj

    Let's laugh!

    Labrador on the Bongo
  3. Stevesnj

    2023 Toyota Sequoia - 3rd Generation REVEALED

    This is a Land Cruiser 300 (in a sense) for America. No doubt. And It will sell very well.
  4. Stevesnj

    Events/Trails Keystone Cruisers Club Activities

    I got stuck once in the watery sand pit. Heavy LCs sink right in them. Otherwise the Pines are easy in an LC.
  5. Stevesnj

    Let's laugh!

    Well, you are what you drive.
  6. Stevesnj

    Let's laugh!

    Just impossible not to laugh at this. I dare ya!
  7. Stevesnj

    Let's laugh!

    Celebrate the life of Norm MacDonald by laughing. R.I.P. Turd Ferguson.
  8. Stevesnj

    Let's laugh!

    This gave me a good chuckle...
  9. Stevesnj

    Random chit chat thread

    My favorite, eccentric, YouTube food guy I like to watch goes to the Shady Maple for breakfast and lunch in one sitting. This dude weighs 90 pounds soaking wet and can eat anyone under the table, and everything on the table. Watch his other's hard not to like him actually. His name...
  10. Stevesnj

    Toyota to reproduce spare parts for 40 series.
  11. Stevesnj

    What are you working on?

    Prepping to pull the engine...
  12. Stevesnj

    Events/Trails CMCC 2021 Registration closes June 30th

    That's it! I'm robbing a bank to get my truck running for year
  13. Stevesnj

    22re help needed

    If you have an electric fuel pump maybe it could be the pump resistor module? On the 80 it;s on the passenger firewall.
  14. Stevesnj

    Let's laugh!

  15. Stevesnj

    Let's laugh!

  16. Stevesnj

    Random chit chat thread

    I thought that was every day. Hmmm
  17. Stevesnj

    Random chit chat thread

    94 triple locked fetches $136,000 on Bring a Trailer
  18. Stevesnj

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    THANK YOU!!!!! I thought I was going crazy when this started happening. Praise this forum!!!!!
  19. Stevesnj

    FSM leading arm torq procedure

    Probably to get to the correct torque value. I'm guessing but all that weight on the bolt may somehow effect the torque value.
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