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    FJZ80 Sounds like Death

    How fast are you going? Sounds like loose lugnuts or a loose caliper to me. Does it stop when applying brakes? What did it sound like when you lifted the axle and spun the tires ?
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    Spongy brakes

    Well just by what you are saying, seems like you ruled out ABS pump as the issue. Also master cylinder. What you describe. at least to me, does not sound like a booster problem. calipers..... rebuilt should work like new. They are VERY simple. (not sticking not leaking usually = good) Just...
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    Spongy brakes

    I still have abs and I don't see that happening. Maybe it is at a very small amount that is hard for me to see. Is it pretty drastic for you? Air can compress so wonder if that is just indicating air still in the lines.
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    BluezClues Build '79 RN37 Pickup

    Well i may have to entertain that option as i am having a really hard time finding finder flairs and i am betting my metal work capabilities are not going to be able to recreate that rear fender skirt. I am going to give it a try, but not holding my breath.
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    Spongy brakes

    I put in a new master cylinder a couple of months back. Bench bled it before installing and that then pressure bled the truck a few times. That peddle did nothing once installed and many many pumps. Eventually it started going to the floor slowly. I live in a place there I can drive in a loop...
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    Spongy brakes

    You can alter alternatively manually activate abs by hitting the brakes while two tires are on loose gravel...repeat for each side a couple of times and bleed again.
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    Spongy brakes

    How did you actuate the abs pump to get the air out? Post in thread 'Is there a way to trigger ABS actuator to combat spongy breakes?' Is there a way to trigger ABS actuator to combat spongy breakes? -...
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    BluezClues Build '79 RN37 Pickup

    My trusty frame's front wheel. Have to save that for the next frame off. Also found the tc to still be good so no need to swap that. Still putting in new seals and gaskets for the Trans and tc. Gear oil coming out looked good so looking like the seller was honest.
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    BluezClues Build '79 RN37 Pickup

    It has been slow going but the hard to reach places have been epoxy primed, painted and clear coated so that I could get it back on the frame and off the dolly.
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    New lights

    I've been to their location and they are not a big setup. Maybe they are even smaller now due to staffing issues.
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    HOW TO: Detailed DIY for Remote Start/Alarm/Keyless Entry

    What viper system are you trying to wire up.
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    Builds SupraCruza

    Man you have made way more progress in blender than I. I am cheap so that is where I started at.
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    80 Series Replacement Seat Back Frames

    Those look nice. I might be ordering a set for the 100 series, when I finish the seat back's leather.
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    Heater Hose Replacements (Source)

    Glossing over the fact that you likely, unintentionally called a bunch of people uneducated, I think you should know that everyone would have only assumed that any hosed would be reinforced. The lack of reinforcement is a new dynamic introduced in your post. I agree that you can likely get good...
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    This belong to anyone? Facebook page - Land cruiser spearparts page

    @gummycarbs something makes one suspicious haha
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    Tarp over top of LC

    Car ports are good too and give you some coverage when you are working on the rig
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    3D Printing Parts for the 80

    That's what....... said!
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    Newbie (FZJ80) introduction.. and advice needed, please!

    Well since you are in the neighborhood... @slow95z might know where you can get one....
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    Problem with the natural gear shifter

    I had this on a truck with an r150f transmission so not the same transmission but i believe it also has some issues with the gears making a little noise at the same time.
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    More thoughts on rust management for internal body spaces where access is difficult

    Is the black stuff in the upper picture rust or just decomposing leaves etc?
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