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    For Sale FJ80 Stock Front Bumper - Seattle/WA

    One bump before the scrap pile
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    For Sale FJ80 Stock Front Bumper - Seattle/WA

    Bumper has some scuffing and could use a fresh powder coating, I have the steel trim piece though most of the mounting tabs are broken. I also have the winglets, but their mounting hardware is also messed up and they are currently detatched. The shell itself is intact and has only the...
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    Toyo Mud Terrain In The Snow

    Panic stops yeah, but AWD makes engine braking more predictable on ice. Good for longer icy grades or maneuvering if you leave it in low gear.
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    how hard to replace front brakes?

    Depends on how stubborn your brake pistons and nearby bolts are, but pretty easy.
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    "Rod ends"

    Heims and Uniballs are the standard for harcore offroading, from rocks to desert racing. They are stronger, last longer (in extreme duty situations), and flex more than bushings. Quality ones are self lubricating and teflon coated. Bushings are only used on passenger vehicles because they're...
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    Installation of 90 degree oil filter adapter on 1FZFE

    I could certainly see how it would be useful in the world of charcoal canisters. But living in the land of the emissions-free, and thus charcoal-freed, reaching that sideways thing is no problem. Though the oil dribbling down over everything is kind of annoying...
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    Show me your bombing through the desert bumpstops

    You mean a rework of location, installation of hydraulics, or what? For the stock setup just make sure you have as much uptravel as possible, and dont push it, because doing this without proper modification is a good way to bend axles, stress the frame, and trash your suspension.
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    Powder Coated Valve Cover Questions

    The only time i see powder coating chipping is when something heavy and similarly hard is set on it and allowed to shift over the face of it. Happens when idiots dont properly seperate fences/gates/rails/etc that have been powder coated, when loading them in truck beds or on trailers...
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    Lifts: around town and highway behavior

    I have 3" OME competitions coils in the front and regular Heavies in the rear. s***ty twintubes of moderate-firmness all around (doetsch if you must). I have no weight in the rear currently (including spare tire, seats, etc) and have about 4" of lift on each end. The ride is on the harsh side...
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    80 Series with Chevy Avalanche motor

    Power, economy, availability of parts, gen3/4 reliability, humongous aftermarket, weight savings, size, choice of transmission, etc You know, just a couple trivial things.
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    Do i need more grease?

    You dun goofed mentioning Hanes here. Generally that practice is frowned upon, as doing so means grease may force itself past your seals including into the inner axle.
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    Anti-seize and over torquing bolts

    I've never lost a brake caliper, never snapped a caliper bolt, and never used a torque wrench on a caliper. Excuse me while I go find a large wooden beam to rigorously tap. But really, the only things I use torque wrenches on would be anything inside the engine/transmission/TC (except for the...
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    Impressed with fuel mileage. Should I be?

    It's a 4.5 liter oversquare engine, Long-stroking is not a descriptor that matches it.
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    Parting out 91 Fj80 with 3fe

    Passenger side view mirror still for sale?
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    ls1 vs supercharger

    Your can either dump money into an ancient inefficient cast iron anchor with overpriced parts to get a fair bit of power. Or you can future proof your car by putting in an extremely popular series of engines that will leave you future proofed for decades, with no issue of parts availability...
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    where to grease front axle??

    Valvoline Palladium is popular around here. I recommend Chevron Delo EP 5% Moly, because I like to go against the grain.
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    Buying a 80 Series, which year should i look for?

    93-94 for the 1fz, but no obd2. Way easier to tear superfluous emissions garbage off the vehicle with obd1. But if you're stuck keeping it, anything 93+
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    Mark's / Adapters 6.2/6.5 swap

    You see "6.5" anywhere in my post? And I had no idea that there were Fs and 2Fs that came in 80s either... But I do suppose calling them slower than 3fs was probably unfair and incorrect.
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    Mark's / Adapters 6.2/6.5 swap

    If you ever thought the toyota engines in the 80 were gutless boat anchors, stay the hell away from the 6.2. I suppose if all it was ever gonna do is wander over rocks you'd be ok. There was only one 6.2 I've ever seen that I liked and that was the military spec version in a late 80s army K20.
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    Where to get tint in New York?

    Did I accidentally log in to dezert-rangers?
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