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  1. BigAxeJack

    Meet n' greet

    I'll be there. Thanks Corbet!
  2. BigAxeJack

    Rough Idle in Drive (or reverse) with 1993 1FZ

    You can usually see the cracks, typically in the "valleys" between the accordion folds. I've seen it fixed with duct tape, but the long term solution is a replacement. It would make sense that this happened during your major project, because the pipe gets damaged when removed.
  3. BigAxeJack

    Rough Idle in Drive (or reverse) with 1993 1FZ

    I've heard of these symptoms occurring with a cracked intake hose. It's the long rubber/plastic "pipe" from the air filter to the throttle body. Worth a peek anyway. Good Luck!
  4. BigAxeJack

    RTH! Welder/Fabricator needed ASAP

    Well Purg’s done it again and we’re in a jam. I’m looking to hire an experienced fabricator to mount a plow on a C5500. Today, ahead of the storm. Name your price. Without this plow truck we will be up the proverbial creek and so will anyone wanting to ski Purg. Interested? Know someone...
  5. BigAxeJack

    ih8 chocolate milk

    You’re right about HCC, that business is dissolved. I spoke to the guy who has the shop and will be opening soon. Rick’s Harley & 4x4, or something similar. Says he owns an 80 and knows it well. He’s recommending installing a rebuilt engine. I’m going to do some further diagnostics first. Right...
  6. BigAxeJack

    ih8 chocolate milk

    I found this on Saturday. Too bad, so sad, now I gotta fix it. I don’t have the time or the garage to DIY, so I’m looking for shop recommendations. The google machine says that Bill’s Toy Shop is permanently closed. Can anyone confirm? I have calls in to High Country Cruisers and Built to Last...
  7. BigAxeJack

    Meet n' greet

    Happy Independence Day guys. Wave a flag & thank a vet.
  8. BigAxeJack

    Meet n' greet

    Anybody up for a meet this Thursday, 7/2?
  9. BigAxeJack

    For Sale Section

    ISO Roller Fairlead I just realized mine is missing a roller. Anyone have an old one collecting dust? I’d love to use this as an excuse to upgrade to synth but $ is tight these days. Thanks for looking!
  10. BigAxeJack

    Meet n' greet

    We usually meet at Serious TX south on the 1st Thursday, which is 2/6. Anybody want to meet this week?
  11. BigAxeJack

    Trail recommendations near Pagosa

    I drove out to Williams Lake campground one evening. Not what I’d call a trail, but definitely scenic.
  12. BigAxeJack

    Meet n' greet

    I won’t be able to make it this time, fellas. it’s our anniversary. I’ll try to send the Purg guys your way.
  13. BigAxeJack

    Looking for some nice seat covers for my Hdj81

    I’ve been running the Spectre Off Road seat covers for 9 years and they’re doing great. They have 2 grades, I think the best were called “tough duck”. They’re spendy, but I’ve not seen their equal in fit and quality. Maybe since they make them in house they would custom cut a set for you? Having...
  14. BigAxeJack

    Neglected Knuckles

    You got this! Knuckle rebuild is a rite of passage for any self-respecting 80 owner, and it's not hard to do. Now get out there!
  15. BigAxeJack

    Meet n' greet

    Sounds good to me.
  16. BigAxeJack

    What has left you stranded?

    I've been stranded by an air flow meter that had been ham-fisted open at the no-no screws. If I ever find the hack that did that... Oh wait that hack is me, albeit a younger me who hadn't read enough 'mud at the time.
  17. BigAxeJack

    Parts Gurus - Need Help

    In my experience, your dealer is right. I've not seen the clips serviced independently of the harness. You'll just have to get creative. For your sake, I hope someone can prove me wrong.
  18. BigAxeJack

    What does 'band assy, fold seat stopper, no. 1' actually do?

    Here's some pics of what's in my '93 for comparison. It's a NA spec with the 50/50 split 2nd row. There are no part #'s on any of the parts. Hope this helps...
  19. BigAxeJack

    Meet n' greet

    Since we were all busy celebrating our freedom last Thursday, does anyone want to meet up tomorrow, Thursday 7/11?
  20. BigAxeJack

    Meet n' greet

    See y'all there
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