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    Went looking for my thermostat... and have some questions

    Yes, the coolant can flow too fast to transfer heat properly without a thermostat.
  2. zags

    Zag's Garage- Glendale Arizona. Toyota 4x4 and FJ Service and Fabrication

    Hi, I am Larry Zager and I own Zag's Garage in Glendale, AZ. We do honest, high quality work on your Toyota 4x4 at a fair price. With over 20 years of experience with Land Cruiser, mini, 4runner, Tacoma and rock buggies, we can do everything from maintenance and repair to gear swaps, EFI and...
  3. zags

    '70 FJ40, Crank no start + Mystery light?

    With 12V jumpered directly to the + side of the coil, do you have spark while cranking? Also, the plugs may be fouled from cranking it for a while with the bad ignition switch.
  4. zags

    New guy to Toyota FJ40

    Super nice survivor! It was converted from column shift to floor shift. It could be a 4 speed now.
  5. zags

    1970 FJ40 restoration

    Hey all, It has been while since I have been on the board. I have been super busy lately and have had zero time to get on the board. Does anyone know who owns my '40 now? I aw that it was featured in Popular Mechanics magazine to represent the Land Cruiser in the article "51 coolest trucks of...
  6. zags

    1970 FJ40 restoration

    The top bid when I had it on ebay was 36K.
  7. zags

    Nice stock 40 spotted

    A couple more:
  8. zags

    Nice stock 40 spotted

    It is an 8/'70, titled as a '70. It has the original seats, as well as all of the the related emissions parts. Here is a better pic:
  9. zags

    1970 FJ40 restoration

    A few more
  10. zags

    1970 FJ40 restoration

    I love those cars! Nice!
  11. zags

    1970 FJ40 restoration

    I want to apologize to those of you who have been following this thread for not keeping it up to date. I have been focusing on getting it finished, and really wasn't taking any photos along the way. It turned out nicer than I ever imagined in the beginning, and enjoyed building it more than any...
  12. zags

    Possibke seized engine

    You may be able to salvage the engine if you are in a bind. I am not saying this is the right way, but I have been able to do this a couple of times over the years with success and the engines ran fine afterward. Odds are that that the bearings overheated and seized themselves to the crank. The...
  13. zags

    2f piston rings

    As long as the ring gaps end up okay, you can use standard rings. That being said, honing will only take off a couple of thousandths, which means it won't remove scratches, fix taper or an out-of round condition. If you can feel a ridge at the top of the cylinder with your fingernail, it needs...
  14. zags

    68 fj40 rearview mirror

    Engaging the two bottom tabs first then snapping in the top tab by giving it a good downward smack with a rubber mallet or the heel of my palm works best for me.
  15. zags

    Firewall gormlets

    I sourced some of my grommets including the firewall from Specter , You'll have to go through the diagrams and pick them out. I was able to find the body plugs and the rest of the grommets for the whole vehicle from I used a vernier calipers...
  16. zags

    Who would you buy your 3rd member from?

    Another vote for Marlin Crawler. He's the best.
  17. zags

    what color soft top with fashion green?

    I hope these pictures help. This is woodland camo with Fashion Green (the only OD green I could find handy). The tan-ish color is actually OD green. Personally, I think OD green would look really good on a Fashion Green rig.
  18. zags

    1986 fj60 parting out

    Do you have the driver's seat tracks?
  19. zags

    Fuel Line Pressure Questions

    Just listen. You will notice it smooth out and increase speed. Also, I meant to say cover with your hand or close the choke.
  20. zags

    Does your FJ40 door jamb look like this?

    That is a welded seam. Part of the FJ40 charm.
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