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  1. ol'skul

    Dual swing out tire carrier bumper FJ40 $750 shipped I have stainless in my grill and in the back cooler rack aluminum with rubber door trim on the edges.
  2. ol'skul

    Dual swing out tire carrier bumper FJ40 $750 shipped

    Swing Out~ Turned out Great! Thanks again!! Put Hdpe glides on the bottom instead of the azek and rubber bump stops so no metal on metal wicked snug when closed!
  3. ol'skul

    Complete 74 fj40 parts

    bumperettes bumperettes ~ Want them did not hear back? Will check again
  4. ol'skul

    Speaker Ideas Fj40

    Speakers Took Longer to get them powder coated than to make them. Extruded aluminum with cap, cup holder and arm pad. If I make them again they will be longer with the speakers in a seprate area and hinged lid.:doh: The one up front is mounted to the fire wall size 12 shoe fits under.
  5. ol'skul

    Garage Kept FJ40 in Florida

    I keep damp rid inside the cab and have 2 exhaust fans air out venting. Mine has been in the Garage about 7 years no problems. I live just North of Gainesville
  6. ol'skul

    LED Turn Signal Relay/Flasher

    You need resistor They have them at auto parts store and are only a few dollars. I have led turn signals and it took a bit to get them to work this will do the trick...
  7. ol'skul

    Help: Need Pictures of Black Fenders (Truck Other Color)

    Red and Black Here ya go good luck!
  8. ol'skul

    paint prep question

    Powder coat them?
  9. ol'skul

    Hard drive crashed need pics please! Vaccum hoses to carb

    Hello All~ I have lost my photos on my hard drive and could use some help. I have a 77 just got the carb back and I am stuck. If some one could please send/post pics of the Vaccum hoses to the carb there are 4 hose ports on the side and 2 in the back I already have the one hose to the syloniod...
  10. ol'skul

    FJ 40 73-77 parts (central FLA)

    more pics the last 2 pics
  11. ol'skul

    FJ 40 73-77 parts (central FLA)

    OKay Lets Give this a shot~ My wife got a pay cut and I need to get this stuff outta here. Shipping will be added to the total USA only please. I am kinda winging it on the price thing if you Have an offer or I am way off please let me know. PAYPAL ONLY! please include part...
  12. ol'skul

    OK then, we need pics of RED 40s...

    Red n Black? 77 Freeborn Red 2nd coat
  13. ol'skul

    new to Mud

    Damn Nice Good Luck~
  14. ol'skul

    Tired of Replacing Fuses TRY THIS!!

    Steering was a Little Loose This fixed it right up and even SAE!!
  15. ol'skul

    Tired of Replacing Fuses TRY THIS!!

    What's wrong with that? I've used bolts and chunks of rod for years... Man that made me Laugh!
  16. ol'skul

    Tired of Replacing Fuses TRY THIS!!

    Holly Smokes~ Just wanted to share this bad boy with you all. I got a 73 for some parts and this made me smile.. Wait until you see the steering coupler.
  17. ol'skul

    Powder Coated Diamond Plate

    90% Gloss Shuttle Black All my parts have been powder coated in this hope it helps.:confused:
  18. ol'skul

    My Metal Tech Cage is shipping today

    Front and then back when you sweep the weld. take your time your not welding a beer can. Make sure your wire speed is not to fast. LOOK LIKE YOUR ON TRACK! Good Luck:hhmm:
  19. ol'skul

    powdercoat emblems

    I never used these. I took a liner brush/pin striper to paint the black. The silver does not do well with lacquer. :doh:
  20. ol'skul

    powdercoat emblems

    i was not happy I will post a pic
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