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  1. Dirty Toad

    Wedco Petrol Pouring Spouts

    What he (cruiser drew) said. ;) There is no ban on the water spouts. :bounce2::bounce: They are identical in design, just the wrong color!!!! LMFAO!!!
  2. Dirty Toad

    Wedco Petrol Pouring Spouts

    yeah, it would and he may use that. I found a loop-hole. Problem solved. Sorry to bother you guys ;)
  3. Dirty Toad

    Wedco Petrol Pouring Spouts

    I was attempting to purchase a 5 gallon jerry can for my father-in-law and saw that I could get the can, but that the spouts were sold out (no longer available) due to some lame ass federal law. You can see what I am talking about at this link Anyone have a suggestion on an alternatives...
  4. Dirty Toad

    Wanted need a front fender and liner

    I got hit and need a passenger side front fender and fender liner for a 1987 FJ60. Silver would rock, but at this point i don't really care what color it is as long as i get the parts i need. If you have these parts, let me know what you want for them and we can see if we can work a deal...
  5. Dirty Toad

    Recomendation for clearing water/ice from brakes?

    I have not crossed water this cold, but in my experience I ride the brakes to heat them up and burn off the water that hangs out in there. Might work for you.
  6. Dirty Toad

    Windshield washer problems

    REALLY? Not one of you knows how to help me with this? I just don't believe it. :frown: Bump :meh:
  7. Dirty Toad

    Windshield washer problems

    Windshield washer problems - REAL TIME HELP PLEASE!!! Problem = windshield washer pump is not turning on. What I have done to figure it out thus far: 1. put power directly to the pump which made it work. 2. Pressed the button to make it spray - nothing happened. 3. Put a test light to the...
  8. Dirty Toad

    My Desmog Thread

    :cheers::cheers::cheers: (3 cheers for Jim!!!) :steer::clap::)
  9. Dirty Toad

    My Desmog Thread

    i spoke too soon. ooops. :)
  10. Dirty Toad

    Solid Rock Off Road v. 4X4Labs Rear Bumper Comparison?

    We have the SROR rear bumper and the wife drove it into a camry :doh: , but the only thing it did was take some of the paint off our bumper :bounce: As for the Camry, well, that is a sad story that ends with a $1500 bill sent to my house. :bang:
  11. Dirty Toad

    Seeking Employment Architecture intern - CO

    I am looking for a position as an intern at an Architecture firm in the Boulder / Longmont / Loveland / Ft. Collins area. Please contact me if you have such a position available, or simply know of one. I am available to meet for an interview 6 days a week. My resume is available upon...
  12. Dirty Toad

    On Borad Air York 210 Install

    I don't know if he still has A/C or not, but because the the A/C compressor is on the other side of the motor it would be very easy to simply get a longer serp. belt and still have it... So I would imagine that he does. Very nice work man! Love that install. We need to get together soon so I...
  13. Dirty Toad

    So...whats your cruiser resolution

    Figure out why the Sirius system loses signal when I start driving, replace TRE's, powder coat the rear bumper and finish building the vortec that I bought for her so that when they reinstate those pesky smog laws I have a motor that will pass (I removed the smog stuff at the end of 2006)...
  14. Dirty Toad

    i don't belive this.

    I get between 15 and 16 on the highway with my 60 on a regular basis, but then like GLTHFJ60 I have a complete desmog on my 2f and she runs better than Ever before. I also run 33's, H55 trany, 4.11 gears and LOVE IT!!
  15. Dirty Toad

    If you were going to get an 80...

    Pictures of the new truck maybe, but I ended my modeling career a few years ago :flipoff2: This will be a DD as well as family offroader.
  16. Dirty Toad

    If you were going to get an 80...

    What would you look for? I don't know this vehicle all that well, but the wife would like one that we could build for her to offroad in. So what am I looking for folks? Thanks
  17. Dirty Toad

    Stupid mistakes/name that part!

    I live in Larimer and love that I was able tear all that stuff out. I drive the 60 to boulder about once a week and love it when i drive thru those silly sniffer stations and know that i set off alarms! I bought a vortec that I am building for the inevitable day that I will need to have smog...
  18. Dirty Toad

    Optima - Blue, Yellow, Red, or Purple?

    i will chime in here and agree with billmc on this issue. I have had 2 red tops in 2 different vehicles for a few years now, one of which sat in freezing cold winter here in Colorado for a few months. When i went to start it, Vrooooom!, up and running with nothing more than the normal...
  19. Dirty Toad

    Jack question

    i have one of those aluminum jobs from Harbor Freight with the long handle. I got it for my racecar so it does not really have the lift that I need for the 60. I put a scrap piece of 4x4 on it and that does the trick. X2 on spending good money on jack stands. Good jack stands will last you...
  20. Dirty Toad

    3 point seat belts

    I was just being a pain in the ass :flipoff2: I too would like to add the 3 point in the back seats some day, but I just found it funny that in the first post they used the word "need". But then again, i am a bit of a :wrench: :hillbilly:
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