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  1. dr_claw

    For Sale FJ45 Tailgate Lettering/Stencil Set

    Paid! Thanks!
  2. dr_claw

    For Sale FJ45 Tailgate Lettering/Stencil Set

    I need a set in white! Sending you a PM now. Thanks!!!!
  3. dr_claw

    Full Float Rear End - Bent Housing?

    x2 stud upgrade. Either drill out and thread with a larger size, or use ARP / Trail Gear stuff.
  4. dr_claw

    Builds 65 resto mod

    very nice. I will be looking for it at SEMA. Hopefully parked out front?
  5. dr_claw

    Wanted Pre - 1973 - FJ40 square "X" Front Door Panels

    Thanks! Paid via PayPal
  6. dr_claw

    Wanted Pre - 1973 - FJ40 square "X" Front Door Panels

    Hello Everyone, I need a pair of front door panels with 4 holes I have a USA address if needed. Cheers! Ryan
  7. dr_claw

    For Sale SOLD- FJ40 Door Parts

    Everything go through? I'll take both panels if not. 😁
  8. dr_claw

    Wanted Later FJ40 Steering Column Mount Plate

    I have a whole column somewhere from a bj42
  9. dr_claw

    45LPB tailgate letters available

  10. dr_claw

    propane tank recertification

    Barry Hammel in Coquitlam! Exchanges expired tanks for new ones. They do inspection / filling in house. Cheers!
  11. dr_claw

    45LPB tailgate letters available

    Hopefully someone has a vector file. Please.......
  12. dr_claw

    Is this worth saving - what is it's value? Oh, and Fawk Cancer

    that one is in better shape than mine when I started! Good luck with the build, and sucks about the cancer.
  13. dr_claw


    Wow! Great! Looking for updates on this. BTW I love the color..... my fj45 shares Rustic Green! EDIT: Are those rear sliders on the hardtop???? Never seen those on fixed top!
  14. dr_claw

    For Sale Tons of Fj40 parts!!! -yuba

    You probably have 100+ PM's. I am looking for a factory hand throttle and bracket. Cheers
  15. dr_claw

    'Bug Catchers'

    ok, ok, ok. As a guy who is "new" to bug catchers..... I am basically doing the same thing as Dizzy. I am making a nice set of doors out of like 3 old doors. What do you guys mean by 16" vs 17"???? I thought all bug catcher stuff was the same. I have the little chrome locks on the bottom.
  16. dr_claw

    For Sale 40 & 60 Series Parts

    Great looking selection! Cheers!
  17. dr_claw

    Four wheel camper on fj55; FOR NO GOOD REASON WHATSOEVER

    More pics!
  18. dr_claw

    Wanted FJ45 Bed/ Headache rack

    I am out of town now. I will send you pics etc when I get home
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