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  1. darthvincor

    Transmission to Transfer Case By Pass Hose Concern

    The way I understand this hose, is that it is a temp fix for a bad seal between the gearbox and the transferbox. And if the seal is fine, there is certainly no need for this hose. I'm curious, are the filler holes at the same height?
  2. darthvincor

    1989 12-HT how do I replace my fuel filter?

    I replaced the fuel filter once on my 2H, and it was really easy. I also replaced the primary filter as I was at it (mesh screen in front of primer). I installed it dry and simply filled it up using the primer, and it ran again after that. I even ran out of fuel once, and it sufficed to just...
  3. darthvincor

    Help needed; 2H issues and puzzles

    If all your gauges work, then my best guess is the coolant temp sensor for the glow plug timer. Or maybe the oil pressure switch that cuts off the engine in the event of a sudden oil pressure drop.
  4. darthvincor

    OEM oil filter for 3B diesel engine

    According to toyodiy, for an Oz BJ42 it's: 15600-41010 But indeed they may have updated the number. I'd get them direct from toyota dealer, that's the safest choice. And if you shop with them often enough, you may get a discount like I did.
  5. darthvincor

    12HT diesel from Oz: Price check on aisle 4!

    Has anyone ever driven both the 1hz and the 12ht? I'm curious how differ, as they are quite close on paper.
  6. darthvincor

    High beams dont work

    I'm not sure, an auto electrician did it. But he said he pulled it apart and cleaned it, and then it worked again. I'm guessing he indeed removed the unit from the column and disassembled it. He also said that I was lucky it was a type that could be pulled apart, because modern ones could not.
  7. darthvincor

    Tranny filter question

    Isn't the filter a reusable mesh screen? I think the part number is 35303-60010, which was used in: Part 35303-60010 (STRAINER SUB-ASSY, OIL) was found on the following models: Date range Model Frames/Options Found in diagram 11/1984-12/1989 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER RJ70,LJ70,BJ7*,HJ75,FJ7*...
  8. darthvincor

    2H Fuel Mileage

    I'd be very curious about this too. Take it out, drive the same manner en distance, calculate fuel economy again. Anyway, here's my belief on fuel economy. People who want to improve it, are generally driving in inefficient cars. Old unaerodynamic 4x4s, old gas guzzling full size sedans, etc...
  9. darthvincor

    2H Fuel Mileage

    I too think it looks very dodgy, their website: -Note that there is no clear photo, just a small one. -And how the testimonials are all written in the same style, all well capitalised, punctuated and no typos. -Fuel economy improvements: the base/pre-hiclone numbers are unsourced. -They boast...
  10. darthvincor

    Part 2: Parts ID help

    I've heard silicone spray also works well in rejuvenating rubber, it might help you a bit.
  11. darthvincor

    How does one acquire a 12HT engine stateside?

    I agree with the above, preferring one from Japan over Australia. People are very very aware of how valuable these engines are, and charge accordingly. On ebay Australia, they want 5 grand for an exchange 12HT, and I saw one once that was damaged, yet still going for 4 grand. If one went for...
  12. darthvincor

    60/62 Safety

    ^Wow, how did that happen? Did a t-rex try to open the car? :D
  13. darthvincor

    Check out this HJ61 available in Nashville

    Indeed, good one, Sved. Just curious Crick, why do you distrust JDMs, I always got the impression they were very well maintained and specced out specimens?
  14. darthvincor

    Check out this HJ61 available in Nashville

    That is super awesome. And only 241,000 km too.
  15. darthvincor

    2H maximum torque, at which rpm

    This is something I've been wondering about for years: at what rpm does the 2H get its maximum torque. Does anyone have any official/sourced figures? The reason I bring it up, is because I myself have seen 3 different values: -1800rpm (Toyota sales brochure, circa 1987) and (German site...
  16. darthvincor

    Need opinions - 1987 HJ61

    What a decent guy, giving an additional 2500 back. Though it was awesome, that engine and those miles, maybe an even better one is waiting for you. I too want to get an HJ61 one day. Planning to go to Japan on holiday eventually, and bring one along back home. Edit: just noticed the oil...
  17. darthvincor

    Recommended Tire air pressure

    I tend to inflate to 40 up front, and 45 in the rear, on the stock alloys.
  18. darthvincor

    If the 60 series didnt exist

    I know, I know... :) But they look similar, and the GQ doesn't rust as easily. The 80 series just looks too modern for my taste.
  19. darthvincor

    If the 60 series didnt exist

    If no 60, then a Nissan Patrol GQ. :) Sorry.
  20. darthvincor

    A440F Rebuild Cost

    I was once quoted about 7000 AUD by a shop in Australia. That included the transfer case too. As well as the upgraded a440f parts. Based on that, 4500 seems a bit steep. I think the a440f should always have a separate cooler.
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