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    Club trip 2009

    Moab trip (wish) planning. We are still working out the possibilities. John E, Tim M and myself may fly out to Utah Saturday or Sunday, meet up with you at the motel, wheel Monday through Weds (privided there's enough seating) fly home Thursday morning. We can fly into Grand Junction CO and...
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    Thursday Rollin' North plans

    departure time We will not get on road until round noon. See you guys at Raush early evening. Fred
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    bbrc members

    Thurs/fri meals Dwight Dolores and I will be down thurs evening, count us in for the meals. Thanks for taking care of us....:)
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    BBRC Summer Party

    party Thanks for the invite but I'm working that weekend. :frown: Later, Fred
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    Coal Miners

    CMCC08 Dolores and I will be arriving weds evening some time. We are staying at the Hampton Inn. Leaving sat evening. :)
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    Newest BBRC member: Gavin Scott England

    New baby congrats Congratulations Norn and Dawn on your new son. we are happy for you!! Dolores says she will take him off your hands.:) Glad all went so well with the delivery. Fred and Dolores
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    BBRC Banner Stickers

    Ha Ha I guess we should have put it on upside down for the sticker promo. :D Tim, put me down for one cheapie. Thanks, Fred If anyone spies a good windshield frame I am in the market since mine didn't survive this roll.
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    Round up

    Texas RoundUp Kling-On We also had a great time, would love to do it again one day. Dolores is ready!! Thanks, Fred
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    party thanks Norn and Dawn Thanks for hosting the party, we had a great time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All Fred and Dolores
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    BBRC Holiday Party/December Meeting 12/1/07 Head Count

    party RSVP Dolores and I will be there. Looking forward to seeing everyone.:) Fred:beer:
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    Camping Woes

    EVC Rob, this lady is a piece of work, she lied, she changed prices midstream, and her campground.... the best description is "it sucks". We rented a camper that looked as if it had never been cleaned all season, the bathhouse flooded over and came washing down to our campsite. She has a sign...
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    CMCC 2007: who is going?

    cmcc07 ready Dolores, Reiley, Regan and I will be arriving weds afternoon but we have reserved a camper for the weekend. Looking forward to seeing everyone.:) Fred
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    fall crawl prerun date

    What was the date for the fall crawl pre-run? Rob can you post the event dates coming up this season. Thanks, Fred
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    Where are the GSMTR Photos promised?

    GSMTR07 Pics I will have GSMTR07 picture CD's at the up coming meeting in Richmond. See you there.:) Fred
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    Fred–Matt–Cam–John READ THIS! GSMTR Details

    departure time The plans are good for me, I will be at the rest area at 6:30 AM Sunday morning. Are we straight on a grill, do we need addition hardware or supplies. Tim, I know you are top of things , let me know if we are short on anything. Looking forward to a great week of...
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    GSMTR07 plans

    Picked up plates, plastic ware and towels for the week. John, I'm bring Lasagna,bread and salad for dinner, can we switch nights for dinner. I think this will be easier to prepare the first night at Crawfords. Just heat, bake the bread some and we are ready. Keep me up to date on plans and...
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    Drove the 40 this weekend...

    looks good Great job Tim, rigs looks really clean, can't wait to see it in the rocks and mud.;)
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    Gsmtr Is Next!!!

    departure time???? So, what time are we meeting at the rest stop? I'm good for 6:30AM if everyone else agrees. It would be nice to have time to setup camp before dark and then break out the beer.:beer:
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    Gsmtr Is Next!!!

    departure time Going down with John, Cam and Tim, early Sunday morning is good for me. Fred
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    Towing Question?

    towing with a 97 80 series I have towed for years with a 97 80 series wagon, It is supercharged which helps out in the power area. I use a weight distribution hitch to take the load. My load is a 16 foot car carrier that weights 1800 pounds empty and a modified 76 FJ40 crawler. I usally carry...
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