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  1. sreyes1103

    Ironman 4x4 snorkel lx570

    yeah i had emailed them to confirm this. lol would be nice if they come back with a good answer.
  2. sreyes1103

    Ironman 4x4 snorkel lx570

    Hi everyone, any help with this would be appreciated. Ironman has a snorkel that says it will fit. 2016+ lx570. I was wondering if anyone has put this on or could verify that it will fit without modification. Thanks...
  3. sreyes1103

    SOLD Idaho: 2016 LC200 Blizzard / Terra 59k Miles

    What fender flares are those?
  4. sreyes1103

    For Sale Maryland -- 1990 FJ62 -- LS Crate Engine

    Is this still for sale?
  5. sreyes1103

    Wanted 96-02 4Runner - Front Seats

    Hi, I am looking for replacement front seats for a 96-02 $runner, either leather or cloth.
  6. sreyes1103

    SOLD 1996 Toyota 4Runner 2WD - Los Angeles, CA

    Hi all, looking for a new home for my 96 4runner, it has been sitting in the garage for the last year. No rust, it does need front new seats and shock, but still drives like a Camry! 168k miles on the motor and has only had 1 owner who worked at Toyota here in Torrance, CA. I purchased it from...
  7. sreyes1103

    How rare is the Amazon Green color?

    from what I understand it was 2021 Mindel to only get the nori green for the LX. Luckily when I purchased mine they had 2 in the Bellevue, Wa dealership. I have yet to see another on even the road.
  8. sreyes1103

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    Last question, did you do anything special to connect the new house battery or just drop it in as normal?
  9. sreyes1103

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    is this your starter or house battery?
  10. sreyes1103

    LX570 Rear bumper

    Bus guy said he didn’t see me
  11. sreyes1103

    LX570 Rear bumper

    My insurance gave me a little more than that due to having a broken tail light.
  12. sreyes1103

    Builds 1995 full resto build

    Man this is gorgeous, I am starting my resto on a 94 green like this and was going to do everything you did thus far. Thanks for the extra motivation !
  13. sreyes1103

    LX J201 Concept

    How do you do this lift?
  14. sreyes1103

    Lexus LX570 snorkel/raised air intake

    Any installs of a snorkel on a 2016+ LX570 ?
  15. sreyes1103

    Harrop Supercharger Stage 1 - LX 570 Drivetrain Reliability ?

    Who did your install? I was looking to get this done myself.
  16. sreyes1103

    Misc Colorado Trip Picture Dump

    looks great, what light bar and winch are you using in the bumper?
  17. sreyes1103

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    lol its damaged already but lets see if it can be a little nicer with the heat gun. Thank you!
  18. sreyes1103

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    CBI Lc200 ones, but the passenger side one aims down at an angle for some reason. I may have to heat up and bend it so its straight. Also the bracket is rubbing the plastic cover on the drivers side. Does anyone know if the SDHQ or if there are other brackets the may be better?
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