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  1. polarweasel

    For Sale -sold- 1982 FJ60 mildly built (Boulder, CO)

    SOLD June 12. The short version: Body has some rust (but not a lot — has lived in AZ/CA/CO its whole life), frame good, ARBs front/rear, 33x10.5 KM/2s siped with 13/32 remaining, front ARB bumper with 8k winch, rear Fourrunner bumper kit with two swingarms (not assembled). Asking $4500, open...
  2. polarweasel

    Just Thought You'd Want to Know

    Incorrect, because they are right-hand drive. The 1990-1996 Land Cruiser entry on the November 2013 eligibility list (from this page) is for left-hand drive vehicles. NHTSA specifically calls this out on the first page of that list: Also, your interpretation that NHTSA prohibits importation...
  3. polarweasel

    Volunteef Firefighter Blue LED Lights

    How bright are these in daylight? That seems to be a common complaint on the site's product reviews. Also, which kit did you get? Inquiring first responders want to know! :)
  4. polarweasel

    sliding rear window

    The Chassis and Body manual shows how to do it. I think it's basically just remove that center bar, then pull up on the frame a bit and drop the glass on the floor. Saves weight when you ship them. :D There's a PDF scan of the manual in the tech links section. If you can't find it, hit me up...
  5. polarweasel

    RAM window mount for Ipod/Iphone (w/pics)

    Nice! Thanks for the part numbers, too. So is the tray an iPad holder?
  6. polarweasel

    rhino or line-x on rooftop

    I have black Line-X on the roof of my brown 60. Ludicrously hot in the summer sun. Lining inside the roof with Reflectix (foil bubble wrap stuff) has helped a lot. If you're going to coat the roof, any color but black is my vote, and the lighter the better.
  7. polarweasel

    my custom made 60 series emblems

    I'm in CO too. How much did those run you, and will they make more???
  8. polarweasel

    Custom Keychains

    Mine came from Countycomm. Available lots of places, though.
  9. polarweasel

    New FJ62 Interior

    Looks fantastic! Please edit your original post to include the name of the shop you used. It sounds like they did a great job, and they deserve a link.
  10. polarweasel

    FJ60 Steering clunk

    Like most of them, for instance, including OEM. :) I've got the same shackles, and the same clunk. Steering shaft sounds like a good place to start.
  11. polarweasel

    Leaking coolant!! Help me identify this leak!!

    Grab the service manual(s) from the tech section ("Tech Links" at the very top of the page). Is it the tube, or a connection from the tube to a hose? (I hate hate hate dealing with cooling system leaks. I have several right now!)
  12. polarweasel

    Dash Surround Replacement Solution

    Newer panels don't include that adapter strip. So you have to figure out your own mounting, and just drill some holes in the dash support. Do the lower holes line up anyway?
  13. polarweasel

    New rear bumper design

    Nice! Where'd you get the basket for $50? I assume that's not an everyday price. :)
  14. polarweasel

    Dash Surround Replacement Solution

    Hey Mark, what did you do for mounting? I still have some cutting to do inside my dash before mine will fit, but wondering what those upper holes in particular have behind them.
  15. polarweasel

    Random front wiper issue

    My '82 does this once in a while, too, along with occasionally refusing to start the wipers on interval mode. I'm thinking the problem is actually in the wiper relay box up under the dash. There's a wheel that spins in there, and I bet the mechanism needs to be cleaned. High-tech stuff. :)
  16. polarweasel

    Custom Keychains

    The small TEQ is perfect on my keychain. I'm still liking it a lot, and it's a great conversation piece!
  17. polarweasel

    Don't think my wagongear door seals will work...UPDATE

    Yay! It's not like I have any shortage of projects in the meantime. And a week-old baby guarantees they won't get done anyway. :)
  18. polarweasel

    Don't think my wagongear door seals will work...UPDATE

    You selling weatherstrip again, Kevin? I need some if you are!
  19. polarweasel

    Door Panels ??

    The tool is only a couple bucks at the parts store, too...
  20. polarweasel

    Norhern CO help./ Tires for emissions

    calphi27, the law in Colorado is no longer 25 years; it's 1976 or older. So no, nobody with a recently-acquired FJ60 is going to be putting collector plates on it.
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