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  1. Capocaccia

    VSC Off and Diff Light. Need Help Diagnosing.

    Hey folks, 2005 Lexus LX470. Disregard the MAINT light. That was for an oil change which was performed. I need help finding out why the VSC OFF and that drivetrain light would pop up. The car is running fine other than the lights. Any help or suggestion is welcome. Thank you.
  2. Capocaccia

    OME 861 vs Stock-Pics Needed

    He wants the springs themselves not on the rig.
  3. Capocaccia

    93-94 Fzj80 O2 Sensor Kit

    In line. Ill be in touch casey. Give me till tomorrow.
  4. Capocaccia

    FJ60/62 ARB Bumpers on an 80

    Someone on here has in fact put one on his 80. I cant remember just who but I think he said it fits right up but It looks not spectacular just ok. I have always wondered how the rear bumpers look. Ive wanted to check out one for my 80.
  5. Capocaccia

    FJ80 Oxygen Sensors Pair-OEM CDAN-used 2 months

    In line as well. Please keep in touch.
  6. Capocaccia

    My 40 vs My 80..

    Keep the 40 that thing is gorgeous and in todays market they are doing nothing but getting more and more valuable.
  7. Capocaccia

    BF Goodrich 305/70 16 MT's on stocker

    285/75R16s will work as well as the 305s. Rare cases of stock rubing due occur due to the sag in stock suspension. Some are worse and some are better. But, in any case, you 99% should be fine with those tires and are you planning to upgrade to 35s after your lift? what lift are you planning...
  8. Capocaccia

    XD9000i warn

    I did the same thing. I have a TJM T17 and mounted a Wan Xd8000i flat on its back and it works just fine.
  9. Capocaccia

    April Fools Day Toyota Crawl 2008 (Harlan, Ky)

    Guys I went last year and the trails and scenery are incredible. Its totally worth the trip.
  10. Capocaccia

    What is your 80 getting for Christmas this year?

    Possible ARB Non Winch for me. Had to get rid of my winch for this one though. I got tired of pulling my college buddies out.
  11. Capocaccia

    heated seats..... ouch!!!

    I didnt even know 80 series LCs came with heated seats. Maybe you mean the 100 series?
  12. Capocaccia

    WINNER!!! of the LEDs for Xmas 2007

    Im in.
  13. Capocaccia

    What kind of bumper is this?

    I have the TJM T17 and I love it. I have a warn 8k behind it and it holds up just fine. Fits body lines well too.
  14. Capocaccia

    BFG Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 tires

    I havent even read reviews on them yet other than ones that BFG themselves has put out.
  15. Capocaccia

    Lifting stock weight

    I run heavies all around with just a TJM T17 and Warn X8000i on the front and that rides great the back is still a little stiff since theres really no added weight but Id rather have the stiff ride than swap the springs and all.
  16. Capocaccia

    Revo's or Destination AT's

    Ive seen people wheel both and wouldnt waste my time with the Destination A/Ts. Unless you were going to strictly be doing trails that anythign stock can rider id go with the Revos. Ive had a set, and a set of BFG A/Ts and Revos Definately have better road manners.
  17. Capocaccia

    My front bumper build

    I want to know about those grilles. What would be price range on those?
  18. Capocaccia

    What is the best looking and cheapest brush guard?

    I love my TJM. Ive bashed it on rocks, have an 8k winch behind it and used it a couple times, and its still rockin. Got it for 400$ I believe though.
  19. Capocaccia

    Winch size, M8000 thoughts?

    Well to give you an idea I have a Warn X8000i on my LX450. ( The X8000i is just a warn M8000 with an integrated solenoid. ) That winch is truly strong. It yanks me out of mudholes and other people too. The other day I pulled a z71 Tahoe buried in the mud. I think that would be more than...
  20. Capocaccia

    Unbelievable - bro in law's 320,000 mile 80 has original windshield

    143k and original phh? Haha I guess that counts.
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