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  1. tonkota

    WA engine swap laws

    Smog check for 25 years old and newer, no visual check. Seattle may have differing more critical laws. Try posting in the other forums. Spokane is much different from the West side of the state.
  2. tonkota

    Sold my wagon

    I sold my FJ62 to purchase a bike. The bike won't take less money, but I'll enjoy it more at this point of my life. You'll see it downtown a lot, but it won't be me.
  3. tonkota

    Parting Out FJ62 Parts from three 3FE engines. DFW

    Thanks for shipping so fast! Part is perfect.
  4. tonkota

    For Sale 1989 FJ-62 - Spokane WA - $5000 OBO

    I've decided to sell my Land Cruiser wagon. I don't use it any longer, and I want someone else to enjoy it. 205,000 miles, 5,000 on the 2F-E. Normal condition, not rusted through, but does have some paint spots bubbling. Has the McNamara gear installed, runs like a champ. Has not been...
  5. tonkota

    Wanted FJ62 Air Rail part (part found)

    Found the part on IH8MUD Classifieds. All good.
  6. air rail

    air rail

    Black part that hose connects to.
  7. tonkota


    Nothing fancy or name brand. I don't remember what was used, its been in there since 2005.
  8. tonkota


    This is what the Delta Cam sounds like in my 2F-E wagon, tiny lope.
  9. tonkota

    local engine business ?

    I've driven by there, but that is it. If you go through them, and it goes south on you, let us know and maybe we can be your representative.
  10. tonkota

    Whats wrong with this picture?

    No visual inspection is allowed. Mine looks similar with a tube connecting to the air pipe from the air-cleaner assembly. No smog pump and the two hoses from that do-hickey on the fender aren't there any more either. And my overflow bottle isn't where that one is.
  11. tonkota

    Whats wrong with this picture?

    That is how my 2F-E is plumbed up in my FJ62. I no longer have a smog pump and it passes emissions just fine.
  12. tonkota

    Advice for 7 year old

    We have an early Stampede that my kids have been thrashing on for about 8 years now. Great fun! Those big tires roll over stuff and it soaks up jumps really well.
  13. tonkota

    Wrenching Session

    Hills on Division is good, Watts Wheel Service is good too.
  14. tonkota

    FJ62 A440F transmission problems; anyone know a good remanufacturer?

    Find a donor FJ-60 and swap in the 4spd, run 33's and live happy.
  15. tonkota

    Wrenching Session

    It might be time to replace both of the actuators with new OEM parts. Or change to a manual FJ-60 lever setup. Don't worry about the T-case. Its a lot simpler and more robust than you think, no mysteries locked in there. Does it go in to and out of 4-Low pretty easy?
  16. tonkota

    Wrenching Session

    I'm going to make a guess that its the front prop shaft u-joints. If it were indeed the T-case, it would still be making noise. And it would have migrated metal bits all around the T-case, thus trashing it completely. Simple test: Take the front shaft off. Drive it around. Put in in 4HI...
  17. tonkota

    FJ62 - Saginaw Power Steering

    I haven't looked under the hood at all. Sad. On the bright side, my 14 year old is finally becoming interested in cars, and wants to drive the wagon, so I guess he'll need to figure that out pretty soon! Sounds like you are moving forward faster than me. Post pictures. Make a mock-up out...
  18. tonkota

    FJ62 - Saginaw Power Steering

    Holy Hell.... I still have the parts, but I haven't driven my wagon for a couple years :crybaby:
  19. tonkota

    Looking for a 60 (or 62) being parted out

    Spork has a 62 that should be parted :D
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