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  1. jatree

    Grease for uni-joints in tail/prop shafts - moly (grey) or lithium (bearing) ?

    So I was able to visualize old grease coming out of the 4 u-joint seals but it seems that my squeak while diminished isn't completely eliminated. When coming to a complete stop for a few seconds, it will now occasionally make a sound when taking off again. After driving for a bit, the sound...
  2. jatree

    New ARB BASE roof rack

    Great photos! Appreciate the review as well. Did you ever figure out how to use your Thule box (if I'm remembering correctly)? I've wanted an awning for a while so good to hear it hasn't introduced any new noises. I assume it mounts well since they are both ARB. Sidenote: Great looking truck...
  3. jatree

    New ARB BASE roof rack

    Following - would love to hear how people are liking their new base racks, wind noise, mounting existing boxes, and anything else.
  4. jatree

    Grease for uni-joints in tail/prop shafts - moly (grey) or lithium (bearing) ?

    What great posts - thank you for the alternate options and for increasing my understanding of grease types. Interesting about the sale to Saudi Aramco...SA is on quite the acquisition/diversification tear recently. Just this morning I was listening to something about their edge in desalination...
  5. jatree

    Grease for uni-joints in tail/prop shafts - moly (grey) or lithium (bearing) ?

    I don't know what is currently in there but NAPA was out of nearly everything so ended up buying "Valvoline Automotive General Purpose Amber Grease - Essential Performance NLGI No. 2" It is an amber lithium multi-purpose extreme pressure grease. They didn't have Palladium with 3% moly but FSM...
  6. jatree

    Grease for uni-joints in tail/prop shafts - moly (grey) or lithium (bearing) ?

    Thanks to you both. I'm clear on the spider/u-joints and will put a pump or two in both fittings for the slip yokes and see if my sound goes away. With a 100+ mile trip coming up, won't have time to do much more before that.
  7. jatree

    Grease for uni-joints in tail/prop shafts - moly (grey) or lithium (bearing) ?

    The u-joints are original so should be OEM. Does it matter if wheels are on the ground? Read some people saying lift it, others saying just chock the wheels and put in neutral.
  8. jatree

    Grease for uni-joints in tail/prop shafts - moly (grey) or lithium (bearing) ?

    Where in the FSM does it talk about how much to actually grease the spider/u-joints and slip yoke? I see on MA-5 that it points out the six zerks. I'm a first timer, can I just put a few pumps in? I know the danger is more on the slip yokes. I have a slight squeak that has developed when moving...
  9. jatree

    ALL Accounts Security Locked

    Just went through the process (can't believe I haven't logged in for that long) and it was smooth. Just fyi, gmail flagged the PW reset email: "Gmail could not verify that it actually came from Avoid clicking links, downloading attachments, or replying with personal information."...
  10. jatree

    Heat wrap: EGR tube, harness or both

    Good idea, I balanced on a 2x6 for throttle body and EGR work previously but this harness is really down in there, couldn't find a way but a bigger sheet and raising it up above the radiator makes sense. Interesting, I assumed the solid plastic loom along the firewall was reasonably protected...
  11. jatree

    Heat wrap: EGR tube, harness or both

    So I need to do this but am struggling to reach back there. Any tips to actually get to the harness? My usual 2x6 across the engine bay isn't working. I also don't see the post Tools posted a picture of but it must be attached to something because there's clearance to the EGR pipe. However, I...
  12. jatree

    80 series H3R fire extinguisher rear seat mount printed adapter

    That's really nice and out of the way, good idea.
  13. jatree

    AC Controller dead?

    Are there any other symptoms besides the buttons not working? Yesterday for the first time, I had a hard time pushing the AC button in. Like it was hard/stuck. But it's also the first time I've driven the 80 in 100+ degrees and everything did turn on and (eventually) cool. I didn't know this was...
  14. jatree

    Dashboard crack prevention?

    Thanks, the Covercraft, Coverking, and Weathertech all look good. Covercraft had a long lead time and was coming to $70+ so decided to order a custom one from Heatshield for less than $50 delivered. I wish the small stowaway kind were more sturdy but will update here once I get the Heatshield.
  15. jatree

    Dashboard crack prevention?

    Lots of (good) suggestions to use a sunshade which I've been meaning to get. Are there any good fitting sunshades for the 80? The windshield is about 24x60 inches btw. No garage here either and the paint starting to fade on hood and roof bugs me.
  16. jatree

    97 LX450 windshield weatherstrip

    Hmm good to know, this was on my long term plan. Maybe I'll just replace the weatherstripping and get a little tint instead.
  17. jatree

    Cleaning your sunroof drains FAQ

    I've done the sunroof drains (replaced the plastic drains with heater hose and clamped them on) and cleaned pinch welds. After rain I still get wet seatbelts and moist carpet but only when the nose is uphill. Meaning I think it is either the windshield and possibly door weatherstripping or...
  18. jatree

    Suggest next steps for brake troubleshooting (booster replacement I think?)

    Is there a kit to rebuild the master cylinder or oem or similar quality replacement?
  19. jatree

    1997 1FZ Hiccupy idle and running rich

    Following as I have a slight periodic something or another while sitting in the seat though it sounds perfect in the engine bay I can feel the vibrations.
  20. jatree

    Odometer, trip meter discrepancy

    Thanks for the explanation - that seems like a great guess. I'm pretty sure it's happening because I started tracking both Odometer and Trip Meter at every fuel up in order to track MPG's and see how my recent work was impacting the engine. The intermittent part threw me off. Just yesterday I...
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